Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday -n- Saturday

My friend Nathan asked me today if i wanted to go to the BYU football game today. Agreed because I will never turn down a football game :), was so hot the first half, everyone was drenched in sweat! I think you can tell by my face that by the end I was completely exhausted! BYU took on Colorado State this afternoon, the stadium was packed full, this was the second week in a row that all 65,000 tickets were sold. The fans are crazy for BYU, entertaining to watch everyone get so involved in the game. Nathan is in some club so he has season tickets for club seating which is nice because your seats are great! Half time we got to go cool off in the tent where they had every food imaginable for all the members and was air conditioned. During the third quarter cups of ice cream were handed out to everyone! Definitely felt spoiled but loved it and had a great time :) Go Cougars!

My friend Mckay asked me to go to his cousins wedding reception Friday night. Was up in West Jordan in some garden reception place, was gorgeous inside. (Have even more ideas for my perfect wedding reception :o) Was asked a couple times if I was his wife, little awkward, but you have to expect it being asked living in Utah at age 20! We ended up driving to Salt Lake and eating at a southwestern grill and listening to live music at the gateway later on cause the crackers and cheese weren't doing it for us at the reception.
PS Weston, you could of totally rocked it at the street jam going on, I think you should come down and we'll set up and make us a little molla!
Happy Sunday to everyone!~
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Park City~

I've been the worst at updating the blog lately. Been so busy with school, my graduation date is set for Nov. 13th, very excited for but also nervous. Starting to fill out applications to salons/spas back in Montana. Haven't decided yet where I'm living but have it narrowed down between Bozeman and Billings.
Last Saturday after school, all us hairdressers headed up to Park City. Amber's parents own a home there and she was kind enough to invite us all to stay for the night! We all had so much fun, Amber, Kara, and Sara's husbands also came. We all made dinner together Saturday night consisting of Sean's yummy cheeseburgers, green salad, chips, and mint pie! After dinner we kicked it for the rest of the night. Played the Wii Fit, had some good laughs at Rosanne's hoola hooping skills! I brought my guitar up, Sara's husband Ethan plays so we had fun taking turns playing for the group. Also Played Catch Phrase, watched a movie, listened to the thunderstorm, ate chocolate, drank hot chocolate, chatted, giggled......
Sunday we ate breakfast together. Sara is the best pancake cook ever, she was spelling words and making faces into the pancakes! We all were very impressed with her skills! haha
All five of these girls are so awesome! I'm glad we have all got to know each other. Going to miss them all so much when I move in a month and a half! Great lifelong friends I'll always have!
We have one more big adventure planned before we are all done with school, Sara has already bought tickets to the midnight showing of New Moon! (We loooove Edward) Woo Hoo!

Amber, Me, Jessica, Sara, Kara and Rosanne

Kara and Devin probably around 12:30 AM... oh and Sara's dog Buddie! Sooo cute!

Sara's still gorgeous even when shes making faces!