Sunday, February 22, 2009


My Dad, Mom, Colter and Weston drove down Saturday early morning ( Nubia's bball game was supposed to be at Seven but was moved to Two PM so they left L-Town at Three o' clock in the morning, they're road trip warriors) This has been so fun to see my family two weekends in a row!
Weston also got to visit his new friend Breanne ;). I've never seen him so willing to drive down to Utah.

I had school during the game so didn't get to watch but Nubia had a great game! (New rebound record for her...17) She had a big write up in the paper this morning. They won so she was a happy girl! Way to go Nubes! Her and Colter went and stayed the night with her family who lives in Orem. Vanessa, her sister (far right) drove them back to Ogden this afternoon.

I was so proud of myself, didn't' even cry when they left! I'm getting better and better with good-byes :)
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Friday, February 20, 2009


Anyone recognize who this is?....
I had to sweet talk Clint into coming in and getting a haircut and manicure to help me finish my worksheet for the month!
He told me I couldn't tell anyone he came in and received a manicure, but little does he know that my friends secretly took a picture!
He was a trooper, he even let me paint a clear coat on his nails:)
Thanks Clint...
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Un Corto De Pelo


After...Sorry Panda it took so long to post these! Five minutes to do my hair! :)

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My hair is officially gone! Cut it all off today! My friends and I were a little bored at school so we decided to give me an A-line. Took off more than six inches! Its going to save me so much time now in the morning:) Guess I need to go shopping for more scarves now to keep my neck warm!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Killing You Softly With Our Song...

Just got back to good ol' Provo tonight. Went to Lewistown for Valentines weekend and had the best time! Was so fun to see so much family and friends. Let me recap my weekend...Drove to Brigham City Thursday night and stayed over with the Brinkerhoff's so we could get a early start Friday morning. (They have a son and daughter in law living in Lewstown who they were visiting, so Jaxon arranged it for me to catch a ride with them) Its a good thing we got an early start because they stopped about every 40 miles :) They believe in breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and supper when they travel! haha They really were so much fun to travel with. I feel like I was related by the end of the trip, and plan to go back and visit them some weekend in the future! We made it to Lewistown just in time for me to go and listen to the "Killing You Softly With Our Song Valentines Show" featuring local artists. I played in the same show last year and felt a little left out sitting in the crowd listening to my brothers, Haeli and a lot of other local artists perform.

Me, Jaxon and Haeli before the show started:) Haeli as usual looked beatiful and sang GrEat! I could listen to her forever!

Weston played lead guitar for Calista Singley. They sounded amazing. Weston rocked it up on lead as always! Everyone loved him.

The bearded man sang a little Madonna twisted in with some auctioning.

The grand finale! Dave did another wonderful Valentines show! So glad I was able to come up and listen!
The rest of the weekend events will come later! I'm a little tired from my eleven hour car ride! Hope everyone had a fun Valentines Day!
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vertical Slice!

Today my friend, Amber, and I conquered this vertical slice! We ended up using more than 200 Foils! Thought it was pretty cool looking:)
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Sunday, February 8, 2009


PMTH had a blood drive on Friday. Everyone who participated in giving blood received a free perm and form box on our worksheet (which means one less perm to wrap....totally worth it!) This was my first time in trying to give blood. I usually chicken out right at the last minute but not this time! They had to prick my finger to get a small blood sample. My hematocrit/hemoglobin level was a little below what they normally accept for a blood donation. I need a little more Iron in my diet. So at least I can say I tried to Give The Gift Of Life!!
Hopefully next time...

Saturday evening Paige and I went to the Young Ambassadors production at the Harrison Fine Arts Center. The Young Ambassadors are a song and dance performing group at BYU. Consists of 26 performers, 13 Girls and 13 Boys and a 10 piece show band. The group combines contemporary music and dance for a fast-paced showcase of American musical theatre. Was the best show I have ever been to! Highly recommend anyone to go watch them if they ever have the chance.

The lively band! Weston needs to come and show the lead guitarist whats up :)...

A friend called me and invited us to a dance party he was hosting in his house. Paige and I went and represented for the Big Sky!

I am catching a ride to Lewistown with a family this Friday. Sooo excited to finally listen to Kyle Shobe and the Walk' em Boys! If anyone is near Lewistown area come to their Valentines concert! Should be a GrEaT time!
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Monday, February 2, 2009

CaTcH Up!

My Internet quit working for a couple days, but its finally up and running again :) Saturday was a crazy day for me at school! Colored a Spanish lady's hair who spoke very little English. She previously used box color to color her hair and wanted to lighten it. Her hair was in such bad condition that we cut a test strand to make sure it wouldn't disintegrate. I guess its a good thing we did because she would of had a nice short chemical haircut. I can truly testify to people that box color fries your hair! After three deep conditioning treatments later I must say her hair looked muy bien!!

I left school a little early to go watch BYU take on Wyoming in basketball with my friend Natalia and some of her friends. We had a great time cheering on the Cougars! Arielle made it up to the game from Wyoming with Josie, Jill, Jordan and Jarrett. Was so fun seeing her! She looks and sounds like she's doing so well in school and life!

This morning I had the opportunity to go to the temple. My favorite way to start out the week and the new month!
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