Friday, August 27, 2010

Sneek Peak:)

Our relocation grand opening for our salon is set for the third.
Serious, the new shop looks amazing! So so excited for all the changes that are going to be happening in the next week.
Here's a little sneak peak of our salon photo shoot we took yesterday:) Enjoy!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last Hoorah~

Last big family outing before my mom, dad and Weston move to Fairfield to complete his senior year.
Going to miss hanging out with my buddie!
Jaxon,Haeli and I will be holding down the ranch this year. With Haeli being 8 months prego looks like Jaxon and I will be in charge!
Can't wait to have my dad come back for visits and I will be the one telling him what to do:)

Will still most definitely be Weston's number one football fan this year!
Already having my custom Team Weston shirts made...
Class B football watch out!

We love movies at the Judith. My mom and I watched four movies there this week! We are what you like to call regulars...

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

HaE bAle and BAX

Celebrated Haeli's 22nd Birthday on Thursday! She came into my shop and I highlighted and styled her hair as a little present.

She walked out rockin' Jennifer Anniston curls and a fresh color!

We celebrated the night half of her birthday in Rising Trout by singing at open mic night.

The Walk Em' Boys kicked off the show for Baxter Black Saturday night in Hamilton, MT.

They sound better every show they play!

Baxter Black is a Cowboy poet and humorist from Arizona. He previously was a large animal veterinarian so a lot of his jokes were about real life things that all those ranchers/farmers can relate to.

Not going to lie, didn't get a lot of the jokes but instead was entertained by watching other people roll in laughter!

A quick snap shot of Jaxon and Weston before the party was started!

As soon as they were done they headed inside to set up for the dance later on that night.
Haeli taught me how to run the sound board inside, pretty interesting stuff. Was hard not to turn Weston's guitar up on every song ;)

Had the pleasure of holding Jodie and Kyle's little girl Hadley for most of the night. She is the happiest baby. Everytime you look at her she flashes the biggest grin she possibly can! Love her.

The boys with Baxter Black~

Kyle and Jodie's oldest baby, McKay!

My favorite boy in the nursery...

Later when the show died down the Allens/Shobes/Majors represented on the song 500 miles! Kari (Kyle and Justins baby sister)and Big R la la love this song! Every show its the first request to come from their mouths. I think you can tell from this picture everyone loves to dance to it :)

Overall was a great turn out. Lots of country dancers over in the Missoula area.

Great to be back home after two weekends of long traveling though!

Monday, August 2, 2010

JuLy MaDneSS

Last week went a little like this:
Wednesday night Haeli, Emery (H's little sista) and I drove lill' Neph into the Lewistown fair.
Ate a little dinner and cooled off with the famous homemade "Baraco" ice cream bar.
P.S. It is not named after Barack Obama or we would not be purchasing them!
Walked to the 4-H barn to observe all the hard work of the Lewistown youth.
People who know me might think I am slightly obsessed with animal print.
Didn't take me too long to scout out my favorite sheep in the barn!
Ended that night by putting my salon flyers on everyone's windshield :D

Thursday morning Weston came into the shop for a quick trim..turned into a quick color. Poor brothers have to put up with anything I want to try on their hair!

Before my dad, Weston, Nick, Haeli and I took off for the family reunion in Utah we stopped to say goodbye to the hardcore hayers who stayed home to finish.
Jaxon and my mom make a quite the team out on those New Holland beauties.

Saw 80 head of elk on our ranch which included 5 big trophy bulls!
Too bad nobody hunts in our family...

Arrived to Logan at 5 AM Friday morning.
We are what you call night driving warriors.
Around West Yellowstone I almost hit a wolf which was walking in the middle of the road not to concerned about being killed.
Out of all the driving my dads done he's never seen a wolf in the wild.
Pretty cool and for all you Twilight fans it made it 100% more real that Jacob does exist :)
Night of the talent show...
Gracie Allen performed her Irish dancing that she has taken part of for 4 (?) years now. She did awesome!

Love my brother!
After the talent show the Russ Allen family had our own jam party in the lobby of the resort.
Preslie (Scott and Marianne's baby girl) Used to babysit their family when I was living in Utah. So good to see them all. I hope my girls will be as cute as they are!

Weston played "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift and I have never heard so many little girl voices singing their hearts out. Soooo cute!

Saturday drove two hours South to my old stomping grounds of Provo to meet up with my Paul Mitchell besties.
We had the best time catching up on each others lives.
Sarah, me, Jessica, Amber, and Rosanne.
Sarah's still as cute as ever, working at Paul Mitchell the School as a Learning Leader. Jessica was just engaged on the 12th. Her ring is huge! Amber is due in October with her first baby boy. Rosanne is the newlywed of the group! I'm so lucky to have met these lifelong friends in school!

Sarah ended up working her magic and talking this guy into letting me bungee jump for free.
(All without my knowledge) So scary but fun. I don't like being in front of big crowds drawing this kind of attention to myself but put my brave face on.
Ended up mastering the back and front flip:)

Sunday we all parted and headed back to the Big Sky Country.
Weston, Dallin, Sarah Jane, her two girls and me.

Before our goodbye's Dad brought out the hot shot for one last round of circle of trust.
Everyone gathers in a big circle and holds hands. One person touches one prong of the hot shot and as soon as the last person in the circle touches the other prong a big shock shoots through everyone in the whole circle. Bigger the circle the bigger shock.

After-I love everyone's expressions.

Another fun reunion. Was sad leaving all our family but a comfort to know I have so many connections in so many places.
Cousins Rule!<3