Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas~

Can't believe Christmas is almost here!
I volunteered to help decorate the nursing home for a lady in our Lewistown Ward who recently has broke her wrist. This was our creation for the Christmas tree!

Merry Christmas !!

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas de Cantata~

After church this afternoon my mom, dad, Weston and I headed on down to the 1st Presbyterian church for the annual community Christmas Cantata that Jaxon and Haeli are sharing their voices in. I'm officially in the Christmas spirit! The songs the choir sang were superb!

Thanks Aunt Becky for this fabulous scarf, I have found many uses for it! :)

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Have you looked to see the NEW MOON

I've been so busy moving/traveling/interviewing I haven't had time to upload my pictures from our girl party to see the midnight showing of New Moon.
The house was decked out in Twilight/New Moon decorations!

Bella's Lullaby

Edward even joined us!

Obviously I haven't worked with Iron Letters much!

Ruby-licious red vampire lips!

Meredith (Bella) the host of the party!!
Can't wait till the next premiere party in June!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Game Day~

Friday morning the family showed up to help me move back to MT. I had bought tickets to the BYU Airforce game a while back ago for all of us to go. The weather could of been much worse but we lucked out!
Weston's first BYU football game! Woot woot!

(Weston sportin No shave November!)

Lewistown's American History teacher played football at Utah State University with Jeff Jorgenson. So he arranged for Weston to meet up with him and his son Jan Jorgenson who is a starter for the team. (Defensive End) He was a 2008 All-American Candidate and Defensive player of the year. He should be drafted to the NFL but his mom said he wants to be a seminary teacher. Isn't that the sweetest?

Fan club~

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Saturday, November 7, 2009


Yay~ I did it! I participated in my first Triathlon ever today. ( Run a 5k, Bike 10 miles, Swim 350 m) It was really hard but the feeling after was well worth it! I finished in a hour and a half but I know it could of been done faster. (Next time :)) I took my time during my transitions that cost me some time. My goal was to just finish but I finished without stopping! Excited to start training seriously for my next one~
My roomate Erin and I before the big race

There were over 460 entries this year. Sooo many bikes.

Just finished pulling off my swim cap ...done!
Yay for Triathlons!

Friday, November 6, 2009

This is IT!

Last Saturday my roommates and I saw the Michael Jackson movie. Loooved it! If anyone has the chance to go see it before it is out of theatres...GO! Best movie by far I've seen! You'll be dancing/singing right along with him the whole movie!
Girls....He's a sexy dancer so be prepared ;)

I graduated school yesterday! My first day off! Loving it but looking forward to the adventures a head of me! Thanks for everyone who supported me through school! You all rock!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Football and Hair~

Just got back from the BYU vs TSU football game. Brrr is all I have to say!! My feet are still un-thawing. Very disappointing game to watch tonight for all the BYU fans. TCU blew the cougars out of the water. ESPN was here covering it tonight and was not the best game to show.
(Didn't know TCU's colors were purple...oops for showing up in their team colors;])
This is TJ, my cousin Ole's old mission companion. Actually my first time meeting him, he's a very nice, funny kid. Had fun sitting with him and his sister and brother in law. Very nice family!

Sneak peak of another photo shoot. This was just a photo snapped with my camera but very eager to see the prints from the professional photographer. The overall theme for the school photo shoot was to have that Tim Burton feel/Halloween. We went for the distressed woman who just broke up with a significant other look. Very happy with how everything turned out.

Sarah before her makeup, isn't she beautiful!!!? Wasn't very fun making her look scary!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Truly Rockstars!

Can truly say I'm a rockstar! Today I completed the extension class for Rockstar Hair. Paul Mitchell doesn't offer teaching extensions so you have to go pay for the class and do it on your own time. Joree and Kara from school took it also. Was a long but fun day! Was standing from 9 until 3...
My models name was Jari, this was my first time meeting her. Wanted to make sure her hair was well blended because its one of my biggest pet peeves when you know someone has fake hair by a big difference in hair length. Here are a few pictures of my final project! Enjoy~

If anyone is wanting extensions I'd love to do them!:)
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Nothing too exciting has happened, just been going to school trying to finish up my remaining 200 hours!
Every so often we have movie days, mostly just a way to make money for the school. Last Wednesday everyone watched Love Happens, we were all excited for a great Jennifer Anniston chick flick, everyone ended up crying instead! A bit depressing was mostly about dealing with the loss of loved ones. Has anyone else seen it?

Rockin the part down the middle! ( P down the M, haha Jenn remember??)

Rosanne(on the left) just recently got engaged! She's marrying a boy from MT! Who'd of guessed!? I will have the privilege of attending her open house in French Town over Thanksgiving!

Ok so we might get a little bored during the last half hour of school but we're trying to make the best of this last month!

Trying to pose like the picture behind us which is John Paul Dejoria and his family! We were a little crAzY today!
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday -n- Saturday

My friend Nathan asked me today if i wanted to go to the BYU football game today. Agreed because I will never turn down a football game :), was so hot the first half, everyone was drenched in sweat! I think you can tell by my face that by the end I was completely exhausted! BYU took on Colorado State this afternoon, the stadium was packed full, this was the second week in a row that all 65,000 tickets were sold. The fans are crazy for BYU, entertaining to watch everyone get so involved in the game. Nathan is in some club so he has season tickets for club seating which is nice because your seats are great! Half time we got to go cool off in the tent where they had every food imaginable for all the members and was air conditioned. During the third quarter cups of ice cream were handed out to everyone! Definitely felt spoiled but loved it and had a great time :) Go Cougars!

My friend Mckay asked me to go to his cousins wedding reception Friday night. Was up in West Jordan in some garden reception place, was gorgeous inside. (Have even more ideas for my perfect wedding reception :o) Was asked a couple times if I was his wife, little awkward, but you have to expect it being asked living in Utah at age 20! We ended up driving to Salt Lake and eating at a southwestern grill and listening to live music at the gateway later on cause the crackers and cheese weren't doing it for us at the reception.
PS Weston, you could of totally rocked it at the street jam going on, I think you should come down and we'll set up and make us a little molla!
Happy Sunday to everyone!~
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Park City~

I've been the worst at updating the blog lately. Been so busy with school, my graduation date is set for Nov. 13th, very excited for but also nervous. Starting to fill out applications to salons/spas back in Montana. Haven't decided yet where I'm living but have it narrowed down between Bozeman and Billings.
Last Saturday after school, all us hairdressers headed up to Park City. Amber's parents own a home there and she was kind enough to invite us all to stay for the night! We all had so much fun, Amber, Kara, and Sara's husbands also came. We all made dinner together Saturday night consisting of Sean's yummy cheeseburgers, green salad, chips, and mint pie! After dinner we kicked it for the rest of the night. Played the Wii Fit, had some good laughs at Rosanne's hoola hooping skills! I brought my guitar up, Sara's husband Ethan plays so we had fun taking turns playing for the group. Also Played Catch Phrase, watched a movie, listened to the thunderstorm, ate chocolate, drank hot chocolate, chatted, giggled......
Sunday we ate breakfast together. Sara is the best pancake cook ever, she was spelling words and making faces into the pancakes! We all were very impressed with her skills! haha
All five of these girls are so awesome! I'm glad we have all got to know each other. Going to miss them all so much when I move in a month and a half! Great lifelong friends I'll always have!
We have one more big adventure planned before we are all done with school, Sara has already bought tickets to the midnight showing of New Moon! (We loooove Edward) Woo Hoo!

Amber, Me, Jessica, Sara, Kara and Rosanne

Kara and Devin probably around 12:30 AM... oh and Sara's dog Buddie! Sooo cute!

Sara's still gorgeous even when shes making faces!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mr.-n- Mrs. Allen

Woof-ta! What a fun week!
Jaxon and Haeli tied the knot Saturday~
She looked so happy and beautiful and Jaxon sooo handsome.
Most of the Nevitts came Thursday afternoon and flew out of Billings this morning.
Nate and Panda drove in Friday afternoon from SLC
Totals out to 25 people who stayed out at the ranch! Seriously so much fun!

We, meaning Weston, Lyndee, Nubia and I watched the little kids while everyone was in the temple. Anna realized she didn't recognize a lot of us and started crying for her mommy and daddy. She'd point and every person or car while crying thinking it was her mom or dad! We finally calmed her down and all the kids enjoyed the bag of Doritos:)

The new Mr. and Mrs. Jaxon Allen...
They looked so happy, the day before they were in a motorcycle accident. They were coming back out to the ranch and his tire blew out. So thankful they weren't hurt worse than they were!

The Nevitts

Love her..... she also had some exciting news to share with everyone after the bride and groom had left~

All stayed in Billings Saturday night with the Nevitts. Weston shopping in his new favorite shirt!

Looove her!!

We finished off the night with enjoying Cold Stone celebrating Colter and Nubia getting engaged! One of the best weekends ever!