Saturday, December 25, 2010

~Merry Christmas~

Had the best Christmas Eve celebration with family last night! I feel so blessed to be around the family I have here in Lewistown. They're such good examples to me!
Christmas Eve was hosted at my house this year! Oh how I love hosting parties!
Dinner consisted of:
Fresh homemade bread bowls
Turkey noodle soup
Cheesy Broccoli soup
Vegetable Tortellini soup
Kielbasa Chili
Crisp romaine, baby spinach salad topped with ham, turkey, cheese, bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, boiled eggs and green onions!
Weston, Haeli and Jaxon were quite the helpers.

Shiloh enjoying Haeli's homemade Peppermint Ice cream wise surprise drink!
Had so much fun decorating my own house this year for Christmas. Thanks to the NFR to inspire my Cowboy Christmas theme:)
Bon appetite!
Beautiful mamma and Freddie J!

Yes that's a Shepperd
Yes that's my little brother
Yes that's three days of facial hair growth!
Had Shepard's come lead us all out to the barn to see.....

Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus!

Ended with Josey giving a few thoughts on Christ.

Ended the night with some Texas hold em and Australian Ginger Ale!

So grateful for the Christmas season to celebrate the birth of Christ and to spend time with family!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Untangled Ugly Sweater Party

Everyone came dressed to impress in their most ugly sweaters Friday night!
There was live music, appetizers, soup bar, drinks, door prizes, free gift certificates for pedi and highlights, sweater contest etc!...
We were able to launch our new Alchemy Mineral Blends make up line too!
(which by the way fly to Denver in January for our training on it:))

New makeup line....simply ammmazing!
All the women loving the new makeup bar!

Even Freddie J rocked out his new ugly sweater!
Haeli and I drove over to Great Falls this week go buy our new ugly sweaters.....I think we had more fun at the thrift store trying them on then actually wearing them to the party. I'd be trying some hideous ones on and this lady next to us would keep telling me "oh that one just looks so good on you " Being nothing but serious. Woof!

Nae, me Carlie and Haeli

Ended the weekend off last night with some quality caroling time with the Allen and Shobe family! Worked up some sweet harmonies and drove around in the 10 degree weather. Brrrr We caroled to a few older people who have recently lost their spouses, was so touching to see the tears and joy on their faces. Think this is going to
be a new tradition for the Allen family :)

Merry Christmas to my fellow blogging friends!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

11 day Vaca!

Fun filled Vacation spent in Arizona and Las Vegas! I'm actually glad to be back and getting used to real life again. Definitely like structure.
Had the best time though, have so many pictures from the trip so enjoy!

Baby Freddie J's first trip on the airplane....didn't even make a peep the whole two and a half hours!

Around hour two of flight I decided to give mini lip makeovers:)

Haeli my mom and I were the obnoxious people on the planes being really loud and laughing the whole time... oops :0!

I have not jumped on a trampoline for years.... any down time Haeli and I were out there burning those extra Thanksgiving calories consumed!

Haeli's 5k Turkey waddle she participated in. She finished without stopping which was her goal.

Luke's first time meeting Freddie....I'm thinking him and Julia looked like naturals holding him(hint hint)
Had the chance to go visit Luke and Julia a couple times out in Gilbert. So proud of both of them for working so hard in their dental schooling. Love getting to spend time with Julia too..... Evertime I hang out with her I leave wanting to be a better person! She's one of a kind!

Thanksgiving 2010!

Oh how I miss Noa!

Walk Em' Boys Nevitt Barn dance!

Christmas in Mesa style! Gorgeous temple!

Noa insisting to take a picture by her favorite lights!

Weston's new friend Alec....sweet and cute girl! Was fun getting to know her when she was around. She will be attending Paul Mitchell the School...atta girl!

Posing with Justin after movie Tangled.... Such a good movie, if you get the chance to go GO!

Shout out to Panda and her kiddies......

Miss you guys so much! Thanks for always being such a great example to me. Look up to you in so many ways. Can't wait to see you next trip!

My Aunt Marylynn and Uncle Randy invited Weston and I to join them in going to Vegas to watch the National Finals Rodeo. Was the BEST experience. Had a huge suite at the Orleans. The rodeo was absolutely amazing! One of the best form of entertainment I have ever been to. Can't say I didn't mind looking at all those cowboys too:) Already planning on going again next year! Long live cowboys!

Oh we love the rodeo!

Any Pawn Star fans???? There was a line stretched outside just to go walk through.....crazed!
Extensions gone wrong! Woof!

Hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving! On to Christmas!