Sunday, March 29, 2009


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Climb On!..

Wednesday we drove into Bozeman to go rock climbing. This is a hobby that Luke and Julia have taken on the past couple of months and wanted us all to give it a try. Me and Weston's first time climbing but we both caught on and enjoyed it! Must say that it looks a lot easier said than done! Weston was the first one to venture up the thirty five foot wall and did great! Luke was a great teacher to us all. My first time up at the very top I let out a little squeal! It is a lot higher when your all the way to the top than it looks from down below. Luke and Weston went to the bouldering room. (Climbing a rock wall using no ropes or harnesses) Weston made it to the top of the wall and so having that competitive Allen blood in me I couldn't let the little brother show me up. I'm proud to say I also made it to the top! I didn't show it after but thought my arms were going to fall off.:) I left around 1:30pm to Utah but the family ended up climbing till five!
Thanks Luke and Julia for taking West and I. I've found the climbing gym down here and can't wait to start it up!!
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Tuesday night we decided that we would drive to Bozeman and stay at Chico Hot Springs (also help me get a jump start on my ten hour drive back to Utah). We checked in and found our rooms and also discovered that the whole hotel was shared bathrooms! Instead of freaking out we (well mom and I) decided to look at it as an adventure! The resort has been around since 1900. The rooms were quite cozy and filled with antique furniture! Chico is nestled in the foothills of the Absaroka Mountain Range, really the view was to kill for! We all did have a great time...minus the bathroom situation!
Colter and Nubia drove the 45 minute drive from Bozeman and played with us all in the Hot Springs! Two hours in hot water put us all to sleep around 11:30!
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MaRcH MaDneSs!

Finally recovering from my trip back from Montana! Had a blast seeing all my family even though it was just a quick trip. Don't have a lot of pictures from the show of the Walk Em' Boys but Panda and Tia do so everyone check them out! Friday night I was privileged to watch Haeli play at a benefit concert in Hamilton! Was my fist time listening to her live at a show and she did GrEat! Cami, a younger cousin of mine, rode over with us to listen as well. Can't believe how much she has grown up! I had fun playing with her! (Was also nice so I wasn't a complete third wheel to Jaxon and Haeli the whole night :))
Panda flew in Saturday afternoon. Tia picked her up from the airport and the three of us went and ate at McKenzie River Pizza. Have forgotten how much I miss eating there! After, Panda let me get her all dolled up for the big country dance! Back when Panda was still in college and would come home for breaks, she would be the one getting me ready, so it was fun to switch roles with her! Also cut Julia and mom some new stylish fringe!
We all had a great night! I'm so glad everyone was able to make the long trek to Missoula for the weekend!

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Sunday, March 8, 2009



Thursday night Kara, a friend from school, invited me to go along with her and her husband Devin to a ballet in the Dejong Concert Hall at BYU. (Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story)
That was my first time going to a ballet and I loved it. I have never seen so many boys in tights :) West Side Story was the first show they performed, it was a lot more upbeat than Romeo and Juliet and probably my favorite. (Even though both were a little depressing)
I would recommend anyone to go watch the BYU Theatre Ballet Company perform if they ever have the chance!

Before the show started we spotted an old man enjoying reading the news paper. What a sweet husband to come to the ballet with his wife:)

We had a group of boys sitting next to us supporting one of their friends performing but during the second show Kara told me to look over at them, almost all of them were asleep including Kara's husband! What good sports they are to come to a ballet though:)
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 2! Thriller

Here's a link to youtube where you can see the opening act of CAPER 09'!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 1!

So I have so many pictures that I couldn't put them all on. But here's a little taste of my Vegas trip!
Wednesday morning we left bright and early...5:15 AM on two big cruisers. Didn't actually end up leaving Provo till 7:00 which none of us were too happy about because we could of got two extra hours of sleep!
Our first stop was St. George Utah, stopped at the In-N-Out. My first time actually eating there. I've heard so many people talk it up but have to say it wasn't too bad! My first time eating fast food in Utah since I've moved here, but I'd say it was worth it.:)
We arrived in Vegas around 2 PM and had the whole day to ourselves. We walked the strip from 3 to 11. One of the girls staying in my room, Faith, is all about wearing heels EVERYWHERE! I told her we'd be walking all day and she might want something a big more comfy but she insisted that she wear her 4 inch heels. She said her feet never hurt in any shoes! Poor thing....5 hours later she could barely walk. Some girls took turns trading her shoes :) What women have to put themselves through!!
We started out in such a big group that no one got anything done...people wanted to go to everything, everywhere and were stopping all the time, little bickering started with some of the girls but we finally decided to break up and just meet for dinner.
Stopped at a lot of fun stores but my favorite was Sephora! I was in makeup heaven:) Really wanted everything I saw (Don't worry dad I contained myself ;). My friends and I ended up just re-freshening our makeup for dinner right at Sephora! They let anyone try on anything so we couldn't resist!
All us girls met up again at the Cheesecake Factory, waited an hour and a half, and ate some yummy food!
None of us were too excited for the walk from one end of the strip to the other end, but on our way back we saw a water show at the Mirage, met us some new friends, and shopped at Tiffany's!
P.S. Mom- Donnie and Marie are performing in a couple weeks! You should go down to watch!
P.S.S I saw my first REAL Mall Cop...totally legit, has his little scooter thing and everything! I was lucky enough to get a picture with him!
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StAr StrUck!

All of our instructors for the convention! Was seriously such a pain selling all my product to go to Caper but I wouldn't change it for the world. I learned so much this week and am so motivated to finish my last 1100 hours of school! Our instructors were some of the top stylists in the world, feel so lucky that I was able to be there learning from the best! Thanks again to everyone who supported me in going to CAPER 09'...

Noogy Thai- Hair Stylist- He taught our finish and styling class. Fun, funky new updo's including threading through the hair :)
Angus Mitchell- Paul Mitchell's son, Hair Stylist and Part Owner. (All the girls fell in love with him, to be completely honest he was pretty cute but also VERY full of himself!)
Winn Claybaugh- Co-Owner/ Dean of Paul Mitchell the School. He was the inspirational speaker and got all of us future professionals ready to take control of our careers.
Takashi- Top Hairstylist in the world. To watch Takashi on stage is to watch a master with unparalleled grace and artistry! P.S. His haircuts are $250.00
Robert Cromeans- GLOBAL Artistic Director, from Scotland, taught us characteristics he expects of employees who work for him. He's such and intense hairdresser but still motivated all of us to really push ourselves and to BE DANGEROUS! (with our work of course)
Stephanie Kocielski- Artistic Director for PMTS, one of the most sought after platform artists worldwide. She rocked us in her class! She knows so much!
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