Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Due to some confusion Luke wanted me to clear up that he handled Margret just fine last Saturday.:) Still being so young she doesn't like to be away from other horses so when Luke was out in the woods on her trying to gather cows she wouldn't want to move but Margret did great with Haeli on her with all the other horses around! HAHAHA We love our big cowboy Luke!;)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cattle Drive 09'

Saturday morning we were all up at 5:30 AM ready to head to the mountains to push our cows up to the windmill(the very upper part of our ranch) by 8:30 everyone had eaten their breakfast, loaded up horses, loaded our lunch etc...

Every year rounding up the cows gets easier b/c the mamma cows know what we're doing, so they cooperate. This year went well! No major accidents or big problems! We probably ended up riding around 10-12 miles on horse back. Dad had brought 3 semi-trained horses. Luke, Jaxon and Dad had the pleasure of riding them:) Luke ended up having to get off Margret b/c she wouldn't do one thing for him. Haeli ended up on her later and did great!

Around 8:30 PM we all loaded up and headed back home! Such a long but fun day!

I woke up Sunday morning and seriously I have never been so sore! Every muscle in my body hurt!(legs, butt, abs, back, shoulders) I'm definitely not in horse riding shape!

On the way back home Dad's truck said it was -40...haha!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Family Work Party June 09'

Ok so these are on here backwards...so start at the bottom! Picture overload but gives you and idea on our fun Work Party weekend up at the upper ranch! Thanks to all the family that came up and participated/helped! We got so much work done!
Friday night all the lady cousins headed up to the upper ranch to feed the boys and on our way we had a huge Mountain Lion jump out in front of us, took one leap across the road and he was on his way up into the trees. Happened so fast we didn't have time to take a picture, we just screamed! Then a half mile from arriving to our ranch we saw a black bear running across a meadow! First time anyone's seen that kind of wild life on the ranch! Was so thrilling/exciting!
Saturday night we ended the party with a dance down at Cheadle hall. The camera wasn't with us but everyone had fun dancing the last of their energy off to the Walk Em' Boys!
(Colter brought his friend from France...isn't he the cutest?!;))