Sunday, March 7, 2010


I'm so grateful for my family and friends! I love them so much and have a blast every time I get to hang with them. Seriously they're the best!
I've been having model days for my work (prepping us to start taking clients the beginning of April Woot Woot) I've been dragging in my friends and family to come get their hair done this month. The candidates for this Saturday were Miss Sarah Downey, Marin Swenson and Jaxon! They were such troopers. They all turned out looking like rockstars. I love learning the Aveda color line even though its pretty complicated, I'm more amazed every time working with it. I'm so grateful for my job right now. I'm learning more than I could imagine from the best of the best stylists.
Sarah has been taking the missionary discussions and has recently decided to get baptized at the end of this month. We're all so excited for her! To celebrate Sarah and I went out to sushi last night~ Yuuum

Jaxon had a auction afterwards for the National Turkey Convention. He did awesome as always. The crowd loved him and he had people asking for his business card afterwards.
(See his new highlights he's rocking out now??)

I begged Jaxon and Haeli to come have a sleepover at my house, I've been home all weekend in this huge house by myself. We all squeezed into my bed and lasted till about 2 AM before we were all up and way to hot, squished and uncomfortable! They ended up having to leave around six to head back to church in Lewistown, so not much sleep but sure a memorable night.:)
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