Monday, May 24, 2010

Walk Em' Boys

Welcome to Mizoola....

The Walk Em' Boys played at the University of Montana's Adam Center Friday night for a ultra ultra right winged convention. There were quite a few gems there. Didn't know where Missoula had been hiding them all this time:)
Anyways the boys sounded amazing....this was the sound board/ guys getting them ready for the night!

West wore his favorite cut off redneck flannel, he thought it would be fitting for the type of people that were there!

My brothers rockin' out~

I heart being a Walk Em' Girl! This was my new dance partner for a song. I must say he was a good dancer but definitely needed some deodorant. My dad could smell him from the other side of the dance floor :o

West showing off his Channing Tatum ( Step Up) skills...

They played in Darby Saturday afternoon ALL DAY. They started at 2 and didn't get done till 10. It was a Darby Fun Day type of show but rained most of the day. Was a cold afternoon. The camera had died by then so sorry no pictures. We all stayed in a cabin Saturday night up in the Bitterroot mountains. It was GorGeoUs. Even though it was fun filled weekend I was glad to sleep in my own bed last night and am ready to start work this week!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Spirit Sisters~

This was Sarah's last Sunday here before she takes off for the summer. I'm going to miss this girl so much!! We've has some fun times together. Excited for the adventures that await her in Alaska. I'm very glad that Haeli isn't abandoning me and excited to get to hang with her and baby peach this summer! I heart my spirit sisters:)
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Nuevo De Mayo

Sarah and I decided to celebrate Cinco De Mayo a couple days later. We served authentic Mexican food! (Recipes from Nubia. = yum!) Sarah was in charge of the salsa and I was in charge of the spicy shredded beef. This was my first time ever cooking a roast by myself but have to say I was pretty impressed with myself. Aunt Jan brought out a delicious Mexican soup and homemade peach cobbler. We weren't expecting many people to come but had 13 people come party with us.

My mom dad and Weston are in Pennsylvania for the week meeting the newest addition to our family...Van Tingey. Jaxon, Haeli and I are holding down the fort this week~

So shout out to Mom for Mothers rock!

I love spur dog!

Saturday afternoon Jaxon, Sarah, Tyler and I took a drive to the top of the ranch to fix some fences. Everything is getting so green and I'm loving it!

Can you spy Kenzie and Sarah???

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My FaVorIte ThIngS....

Things I LoVe right now:
-All the green grass finally poking up through the ground.
-All the snow that is finally melting.
-The vibrant yellow tulips blooming in my moms flower beds
-Baby cows
-Family and friends.
-Getting my hair done (Tuesday):)Woop woop!
-Visits from certain people on the weekend;)
-Sundays, I love going to church and getting re-freshed for the week.
-My sister, Panda's, blog. My niece and nephews are so cute.
-Haeli's pregnant belly, I have a feeling baby peach and I will get along very well.
-Colter and Nubia, they're just so in love and I love watching them be in love.(Why pay a dollar at a red box for a chick flick when you can watch newlyweds)
-Watching Luke and Julia's wedding video, brings back such good memories!
-Getting ready to start my new job and Untangled Salon in Lewistown.
-That Arielle is coming home for the summer!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

36 HoUr Power Outage Survivor~

Thursday morning around 9:00 AM the lights started flickering at the ol el' rancho. Power went completely off and didn't come back on till Friday night 11:00 PM! Has been a crazy last few days. These Montana Spring storms are unbelievable. It snowed over a foot and a half in a day. The wind was blowing 50-60 mph, couldn't see one thing. Roads were closed all around Lewistown so we were literally stuck here! Jaxon, Haeli, Weston, Mom, Dad and I were all stuck at the party house. We have a wood stove and a huge fireplace so we kept the fires going and tried to stay warm. We had six water bottles on hand for the six of us. To top it all Haeli has a bladder infection and all the doctor said was to drink lots of water to help it. So she was out gathering snow and boiling it on our grill. Last night around five Haeli and I drove into Lewistown and raided Aunt Jans shower. We couldn't take being dirty anymore!
Looking back on it now I can kinda laugh but it wasn't very fun having no electricity. I remember back when I was little I'd love when the power would go off but I've grown to love having heat, a hot shower, a blow dryer, cell phone, music, light etc...Definitely thankful for electricity!

Haeli and I rounded up all the candles we had. This is how we would see at night after it'd go dark!

This was the view out our front window:) lovely right?

Cooking some chili over the hot coals.
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