Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Denver Fun!

Still trying to catch up from lost sleep in Denver!
Had a great educational trip (err and shopping/eating)
I'm even more in love with our new mineral makeup line and ready to dive in and start making the women of Lewistown beautiful!

Nae and I appreciated the cows outside of the art center being ranch girls and all!

Car getting ready to hit the town.

Carlie's cousin lives right down town Denver in a loft style condo...gorgeous and was so convenient to be close to everything.
Never has so much amazing food in my life! It'd be worth going back just to eat out.

Makeup class! Sally and Bre (starters of Alchemy Mineral Blends) did an awesome job. They taught us a lot about application and was a great review for me.

Favorite part of the whole trip....We were all in heels and our feet were hurting after 2 blocks of walking, a bike cab pulled up and saved the day! All four of us piled into a two person chariot.

He peddled us through the scenic route in downtown.

Had a blast but was definitely ready to be home!
If anyone is needing some amazing mineral makeup you know where to come!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Rodeo and Snowboarding~

Weston and I at the Friday night performance of the Circuit Finals Rodeo
I just fa la love rodeos

The whole rodeo crew.
I remember going to this rodeo back a few years ago thinking how big it was. This year Weston and I couldn't believe how small it felt after watching the NFR. Still a blast though.

Friday night the temperature was down to seven below and Colt and I agreed that if it didn't warm up we'd bag the snowboarding.
Had a chinook blow in which ='d perfect snowboarding weather :)
Westy, Colt-the-bolt and I had the best time chatting, laughing, wrecking and just hanging out!
I have some pretty cool brothers, Weston wasn't planning on coming till last minute so Colter found him an old snowboard buried in the back of our storage room and completed the ensemble with muck boots!
He definitely had his work cut out for him, by the end of the day his nick name was ghost rider
(or snow angel:) ) He did great considering what he was using to ride down a giant mountain with. AND Colter is just the best/most encouraging teacher!
We left the mountain just in time to get home, clean up and head back into the Saturday night Rodeo....
~Good weekend~
now bring on Denver :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Been such a busy new year. I love when I can't keep up with the weeks because they fly by.
2011 has consisted of :
Open Mic Night at Rising Trout
Deep cleaning
Driving to Helena to purchase my very own car :)
(Pictures soon to come of my Audi)
Watching the lady Cats take on Northern Colorado
(and Nubia coach)
Montana Circuit Final Rodeo & snowboarding this weekend
Denver next Thursday for makeup training!
~Life is good ~

Fierce new nails! Thanks to Haeli Mae for my Christmas gift.

Can you spy Nubia??? Give you a clue, has the cutest belly on the court!

Nubia's poster that decorates the halls of Montana State University

My dad's old roomate Bill Kolar on the hall of fame board. He was a first round draft pick and played for the Bengals. Now coaches for Houstin Texas.
Had so much fun taking a day trip with just my dad. Doesn't happen much that we can just take off and drive with Fox News blaring from the speakers! :D

Monday, January 3, 2011


Feeling slightly sad the holidays are over...Beginning to learn the Christmas season is all about being with people you love the most and to celebrate the birth of Christ.
I'm most definitely ready to bring on the new year and excited to see what two 011 has to offer me~
How cute is lill Freddie J?! He's growing up too fast...

Jaxon, Weston and I before the big New Years show... Love my brothers!

The Walk Em' Boys brought in the New Year in Fairfield this year...had nearly 300 people show up. Great turn out. The boys just left last night to drive to Austin Texas for a show.....I have the coolest family!

My favorite dance partner/cowboy, Mckay!

Happy New Year!