Saturday, October 24, 2009

Football and Hair~

Just got back from the BYU vs TSU football game. Brrr is all I have to say!! My feet are still un-thawing. Very disappointing game to watch tonight for all the BYU fans. TCU blew the cougars out of the water. ESPN was here covering it tonight and was not the best game to show.
(Didn't know TCU's colors were purple...oops for showing up in their team colors;])
This is TJ, my cousin Ole's old mission companion. Actually my first time meeting him, he's a very nice, funny kid. Had fun sitting with him and his sister and brother in law. Very nice family!

Sneak peak of another photo shoot. This was just a photo snapped with my camera but very eager to see the prints from the professional photographer. The overall theme for the school photo shoot was to have that Tim Burton feel/Halloween. We went for the distressed woman who just broke up with a significant other look. Very happy with how everything turned out.

Sarah before her makeup, isn't she beautiful!!!? Wasn't very fun making her look scary!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Truly Rockstars!

Can truly say I'm a rockstar! Today I completed the extension class for Rockstar Hair. Paul Mitchell doesn't offer teaching extensions so you have to go pay for the class and do it on your own time. Joree and Kara from school took it also. Was a long but fun day! Was standing from 9 until 3...
My models name was Jari, this was my first time meeting her. Wanted to make sure her hair was well blended because its one of my biggest pet peeves when you know someone has fake hair by a big difference in hair length. Here are a few pictures of my final project! Enjoy~

If anyone is wanting extensions I'd love to do them!:)
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Nothing too exciting has happened, just been going to school trying to finish up my remaining 200 hours!
Every so often we have movie days, mostly just a way to make money for the school. Last Wednesday everyone watched Love Happens, we were all excited for a great Jennifer Anniston chick flick, everyone ended up crying instead! A bit depressing was mostly about dealing with the loss of loved ones. Has anyone else seen it?

Rockin the part down the middle! ( P down the M, haha Jenn remember??)

Rosanne(on the left) just recently got engaged! She's marrying a boy from MT! Who'd of guessed!? I will have the privilege of attending her open house in French Town over Thanksgiving!

Ok so we might get a little bored during the last half hour of school but we're trying to make the best of this last month!

Trying to pose like the picture behind us which is John Paul Dejoria and his family! We were a little crAzY today!
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