Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Haeli found out yesterday she will be having her baby Thursday!
Please keep her in her prayers....scary thing for a first timer!(Especially going all NaTurAL) XoXO
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Friday night lights to concert lights-

So last weekend went a little like this-
12:00 Friday Sarah and I jump into cupcake (her escape) and head over to Fairfield
4:00 PM Arrive in FF( with a 2 hour stop in GF for shopping:D )
5:00 PM Head to Shelby, MT ( football game)
10:45 PM Leave Shelby
12:30 AM Arrive back to FF
12:00 PM Drive BACK to Lewistown (for walk em' boys concert)
3:45 PM Arrive back to L-town (had a short delay in GF again for shopping...Can't beat Herbergers Goodwill sale)
4:00 PM Have a client come in for highlights, Sarah comes in with her date (DUSTY) and wants her hair chopped off.
9:00 PM Head to the fairgrounds for the wedding the Walk Em' Boys played at.
12:00 AM Go to bed
6:00 AM Wake up and drive BACK to Great Falls for stake conference
5:00 PM Finally back home!
Still exhausted from ALL the traveling. Headed back to FF Friday for Weston's homecoming game! :D love life!
4 layers on and it was still freezing cold!

The Fairfield Eagles did a great as usual. Shelby was supposed to be good but not good enough for the eagles! 49-21

Jaxon entertaining us on the way over!

<3 her!

Kyle and Jodie's baby boy Mckay! They say older women make good lovers!

Mckay, Sarah, Hadley, Jodie and I taking a break from dancing!

I set Sarah and Dusty up recently. They had an all day date on Saturday and are now officially in a relationship...according to Facebook anyways! ;) They hit if off fast!!
If anyone is looking to be set up just let me know!...Getting good at it! ha ha

Life is good!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Love me some fball~

Football season has officially started! Drove over to Thompson Falls last weekend for Weston's second football game.(6 and a half hour drive from Lewistown---woofta)
Friday evening we stopped at the Griz stadium to catch the last few minutes of the boys practice. Later headed over to the hotel to help serve the whole team a hearty meal.

Haeli's family came to pick her up so she could send some quality time with them.
The whole gang....

Three cousins playing together! They did awesome. They'll have a really good team and I'm so excited to follow them....(state champions?...I think so:)) Collin caught a TD and West ran two in, Slade had great runs also. The final score ended up being 47-7.

Go Eagles!
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Monday, September 6, 2010

More salon pics:)

Carlie's mom posted more pictures of our opening on facebook so I stole a few:)
Carlie's station. We used our pictures we took for wall decoration because the space is so big.
Still getting used to looking at poster size pictures of myself.

Tanning room 1

Carlie welcoming everyone

Waxing room...
Wash house...

One of my favorite rooms....:) Its a safari bathroom!

Renae's pedi room...

PS. These pictures are mostly for my sister who lives all the way across the US who's been wanting to see the shop!...Enjoy

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grand Opening!

Last night was our version of the "big dance" at Untangled Salon.
So many community memebers came and were very impressed.
Now women have a place to come escape from their lives and pamper themselves.
A local restaurant catered for us.
Our guests dined on fresh juicy pineapple, cantaloupe,strawberries,oranges and watermelon along with chilled creampuffs, salami, cheese, crackers, mini tacos and cookies.~
Everytime Haeli and I would grab a drink we made sure to take a big whiff and make sure we weren't having an alcoholic beverage (ha ha)

Glimpse of our waiting area and Carlie's station. We both chose to use antique dressers which adds so much character to the salon.

How cute are my two Haeli's:) Sister-in-law Haeli was the only one to stay home in Lewistown and come to the big event. I will love her forever. Weston had his first football game in Fairfield so everyone peaced out on us. (Which by the way they won 42-0:) ) Good friend Hayley drove all the way from Rexburg Idaho to support us.
She's been in the Paul Mitchell Hair School there for two months now! Isn't her hair so cute??

Three ladies of the evening! Serious I love where I work and who I work with.
Never a dull moment with us three.
I'm so grateful for this opportunity to work in the best salon in Lewistown!
(Carlie's good friend Scott ,who is a traveling color specialist,told us that he has taught at some amazing salons around the United States and that we are right up there with the best.
Very nice compliment for us)

Haeli and I were planning on playing for the live music portion for the night. Originally Weston and Jaxon were supposed to perform also but that was before we found out West had his first game of the season. So Haeli and I ended up setting up our sound system by ourselves (which is not exactly my cup of tea) I had talked to one of my music friend earlier in the week asking if he'd want to just come make sure that I set it up correctly. He runs the local open mic night and has his own sound system so he's pretty legit (secretly hoping he'd offer to set it all up) He sent another one of our friends over and he added to our original set up and made the sound sound twice as good! I felt so loved that night. All five of them are in a band and they offered to come play. (Drums, harmonica, bass etc ...the whole shebang)
PS Brian Wicks the bass player builds guitars for Modest Mouse, and does repair work for Zack Wylde.
Even though all these guys are in their 40's and 50's I realized after last night they're my true friends forever. I've never had friends like this who genuinely care for me and dropped everything they were doing for the night to come help and support me. My heart was so full!
Haeli and I played for an hour or so and they took the next hour! Love them all.

H enjoying our new wash house!

Little blurry but this is the hallway to our spa. The spa consists of a waxing room, two tanning rooms, a pedicure room and massage room. I wish there were before pictures to show how ugly this spot used to be. The space used to be a movie store and every wall was painted a bright canary yellow. Amazing what a little paint and TLC will do to a place!

We had over 25 bouquets sent to the salon from clients! We were so happy with how everything turned out! Felt very loved....