Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nature Color Wheel...

This last Friday for color class, we were assigned to go make a nature color map. It was SO nice to leave PMTS for a while and get outside! Its been in the 80's all week and we're all going crazy being stuck inside. My friend Amber and I walked around BYU campus collecting flowers,leaves,pine cones and dirt! We only received a few odd looks and were thankful security didn't kick us out for walking through their flowerbeds! Later in the afternoon Jaxon and Haeli surprised me by coming into the school. I trimmed Haeli's hair for her and gave her some new sassy swoop fringe:)
Colt, Nubie and I drove to Heber yesterday to spend the evening with Ethan, Jill and family! They were kind enough to make dinner for us. Had the best BBQed vegetables and steak ever! Ethan started his chemo treatments this last week and is still looking great! Both Ethan and Jill have the right attitude about it all! Ethan drove us up to a house that he is building right on the new golf course in Heber. All I have to say is Ethan is a very talented carpenter. The house was gorgeous along with the view! All the wood work, stone work was literally breathtaking! The house will be on the market for 3 you can imagine really how nice it is!
I've been having way too much fun partying it up with my brothers this weekend! Going to be sad to see them leave today! Happy Sunday to everyone!
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Monday, May 11, 2009



This is my little old lady friend Ellen,who comes to get her hair done by me about once a week. She called me on Saturday while I was at work asking if she could come over Sunday morning so I would do her hair for Mothers Day. She said she wanted to surprise her kids and have her hair done. It was cute and I couldn't say no to that so she was over bright and early Sunday morning. She also has been telling me she has clothes to give me so she brought them over. The bag of clothes included: a unitard, a gold shirt, literally bright gold, every color imaginable 80's stretch pants, pink Levi's, some high waisted pants with Egyptian ladies on it etc. etc....You get the picture! La la love her though! She really is an interesting lady and has a lot of stories. She worked up in Sundance for years on Ski Patrol, sat around the campfire numerous times with Willie Nelson and Robert Redford listening to them play and sing. She loves life and helps me love my life and encourages me with my work. Yesterday while doing her hair she was telling me how you really need to have God in your heart and that's all you need to make you happy, clear everything from you head and don't get caught up in all the silly things that will distract you from being happy and successful. Sit back and watch whats going on around you. Little did she know that I needed to hear that because sometimes I do get caught up in drama at school or at my apt. Even though I was super tired yesterday, I'm glad I woke up and did her hair. Reminded me why I love doing what I do...being someones daymaker!!!
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Friday, May 1, 2009


So my new biggest fear is catching the Swine Flu and dying from it! I've been worried sick all week about it, tempted to even take a leave from school and come home.(I'm really looking for any excuse to come home for a while haha) Anyways today I was eating dinner with my friend Kara from school, and her husband called and was talking to her about something, she said "NO way, I can't tell Kenzie she'll freak!" Come to find out Kara's husband was watching the news and the principal over Paul Mitchell School in Salt Lake (40 Minutes away) is being tested for the Swine Flu.
So crazy that no one has it yet in Utah and the first person to be tested is someone who works with Paul Mitchell! I know I shouldn't be SO worried about it but its a little scary working with so many strangers all day knowing I could catch it!
Hand sanitizer is my new best friend!!!:-)