Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today after church my cute roommate Ally and I hiked to Bridal Veil Falls up the Provo Canyon. We had quite the adventure! We made our own pathway to the Falls, probably not the easiest way up but the most entertaining to watch Ally climb. We were literally crawling up the rocks in some places. Every time I turned around to make sure Al was still coming, she was yelling she was stuck in the trees! She's my little climbing Diva, every time we stopped she had to fix her hair/makeup etc.
I was tempted to go bouldering up some of the rocks on the very top but thought I should wait for Luke and Julia to come with:)
Hope everyone had a happy Sunday!~

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Dying Party!

OK so instead of dying Easter eggs, my friends and I decided we would dye our own hair! Amber has her own little set up at her apartment. Her husband made a deal with us that we could do our hair if he could play X-box! We figured it was a good trade off!
We experimented with a different color line other than Paul Mitchell to see if we liked it better...and we do!(Shhh:)
Kara went from blonde to red! She has been a blonde her whole life so it was a big change but she looks super cute! I didn't take a picture of the final result but it'll be coming soon!
No big changes for me, just freshened up.
Thanks Amber and Kara for the fun night! I love girl nights!

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

NeW Do...

Hayley and her family drove down from Montana for Hayley's spring break! She got in yesterday around two. We've had a lot of fun. She stayed in our extra b-room at our apartment so she is getting the whole college experience while she's here! Today we cut off all her hair. She wanted an A-symmetrical A line(front is longer on one side, shorter on the other)It was a fun cut to do because I had never done one! Turned out way cute on her. Her mom and dad also came in for a trim! I love the Johnson family!
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Hayley went out to get her mom for her trimming and when Lorrie saw Hayley's hair she touched her hair and got a very worried look on her face! like oh my Hayley should I trust Kenzie with my precious locks!! Turns out Lorrie loves her new do!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

FF Representing...

Last night a bunch of us Fairfield kids went out to eat together! Marin Swenson is moving back to MT on Friday so we wanted to do something before she left so I brought Paige along and she brought Elly and her husband and baby.(She also is expecting another little boy in May) When I was on my way to the restaurant I happened to see a truck driving on the road that looked like Klinks (Matt Klinker) old one he used to drive in high school. Sure enough the license plate read Montana...with a 31 plate! So crazy that we happened to drive past each other, I quickly got his number and called him to come join us. He was on his way to go eat with Brooke Haynes and her husband!...Crazy how many Fairfield people were getting together last night! He stopped by with his "friend" afterwards! He looks great, the mission hasn't changed him much but it was great seeing him!:)
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Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference Weekend!

Saturday night I went and stayed the night with Scott Squires family! Scott and Marianne were going to a birthday party Saturday night after the Priesthood session and asked if I would want to babysit Sierra, Ryann, Quincie, Preslee and little Tate! I took the offer since they ARE my family away from home and it would beat watching conference in my apartment!
Had so much fun with all their girls! When I have kids I definitely want a lot of girls!
Sierra made us all dinner Saturday night and I must say she is quite the little cook! She even gave me some cooking tips that I'm excited to use! (She also made Cinnamon rolls on Sunday afternoon that were to die for)
Ryann and Quincie are quite the little dancers...the video I posted is of their dance they made up...they wanted me to record it so they could watch themselves!(I know its a little long but they DO have some moves for little girls:) I brought my guitar along and had fun playing for them. Quincie has her own guitar so she wanted to have a little lesson of her own. She caught on quick and now knows her C,E and A chords! Way to go Quinc!
Preslee is Preslee, seriously and angel child! She said the prayer over dinner and she said please bless that Sierra will quit kicking the dog! I love little kids innocence!
Tate is a little boy full of energy! Did not even cry once the whole night though!

Sunday we had an amazing breakfast of fruit salad with every imaginable kind of fruit and German pancakes!
Conference was great! Some amazing talks were given! Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

Thanks Squires for having me over and for the great weekend! I love getting to know your family more! You are all so great! Enjoy your new haircuts!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BYU Haircutting

Yesterday for school we went to the BYU Campus and cut hair for students wanting a free haircut. We were really just there promoting Paul Mitchell and trying to built are clientele. Was a nice change up from same ol' school but it was freezing!!! Was a 40-45 degree overcast day! It wouldn't of been so bad if we didn't have to use spray bottles to get the hair wet. By the end all of our fingers were barely moving but we made it through. Our whole group who went ended up doing around 300 haircuts in two hours! Was pretty crazy but great experience for us all!~
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