Sunday, January 25, 2009

Family Weekend!

Another way fun weekend with the family. Nate,Panda, Noa and Jack all flew in from PA, Dad and Mom drove down from the Big Sky. Had so much fun hanging with everyone. Last Friday we met at Ethan and Jills home in Heber and had some delicious homemade soup. Was great seeing all my Uncles and Aunts for a bit too!

Sunday, Dad, Mom, Panda, Nate, Noa, Jack and I toured Temple Square. The kiddies had fun looking at all the exhibits. Still my favorite part of the day was watching Nate and Panda chase Jack around, keeping him from running through all the displays :)

All of us walking down temple square! Was a coooold afternoon!
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Panda said...

my kiddos love aunt kenzie!! i'm so glad we got to see you...4 times!! love you.
ps. next time, you get jack duty!

Emilee said...

how fun! i didnt even know they were in town! cute pics!
hey, superbowl party at my house sunday if you want to come...!