Friday, May 1, 2009


So my new biggest fear is catching the Swine Flu and dying from it! I've been worried sick all week about it, tempted to even take a leave from school and come home.(I'm really looking for any excuse to come home for a while haha) Anyways today I was eating dinner with my friend Kara from school, and her husband called and was talking to her about something, she said "NO way, I can't tell Kenzie she'll freak!" Come to find out Kara's husband was watching the news and the principal over Paul Mitchell School in Salt Lake (40 Minutes away) is being tested for the Swine Flu.
So crazy that no one has it yet in Utah and the first person to be tested is someone who works with Paul Mitchell! I know I shouldn't be SO worried about it but its a little scary working with so many strangers all day knowing I could catch it!
Hand sanitizer is my new best friend!!!:-)


Jenn Krogue said...

haha swine flu.
i love you.
and you wont get it - jeez

Kara said...

Ha ha you are awesome! I do love you! But You're not going to get the swine flu and you're not taking a leave because I'll miss you oh so much!!