Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oquirrh Temple~

Couple months ago I had ordered tickets to go to the Oquirrh Temple open house, Alan, Nicole, Eric, Bobby and I hopped in the Grand Cherokee and headed up! Was beautiful temple, I'm glad I had the opportunity to go through before it was dedicated.

The night started out with a Mexican Fajita Dinner at Nicole's. She makes a mean batch of Fajitas! I whipped out some homemade salsa this morning to contribute to the feast... Was a very yummy dinner!

Nicole putting some finishing touches on her food;)

I tried to fit everyone in the picture, didn't work so much but you get the main idea!

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So glad for my cousins and friend that went with me! I love the feeling I have in the temple and outside of it! I know the temple is the most sacred place on earth for members of our church. No matter how busy and hectic your life is you can always escape it and enter the temple and have a holy feeling.
While I was walking through the brides room looking at how beautiful everything was I couldn't help but get excited for when I can someday get married in the temple~


Brenda said...

Sounds so fun! I just miss those Nevitt faces...Alan has the BEST smile ever and Nicole looks SO domestic!! Thanks!

Panda said...

fun! that's so cool you get to hang with the monte nevitts...temple and fajitas no less! i enjoyed your temple testimony, mades me want to head immediately to dc. :-) (ps. i also liked the sign on nicole's fridge)

Emilee said...

fun temple trip looks like. we are trying to go this week. and love the pics from your trip with panda! you guys are so cute!

Julia said...

Cute hair color Kiss! Is that new?? I like it a lot.