Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Nothing too exciting has happened, just been going to school trying to finish up my remaining 200 hours!
Every so often we have movie days, mostly just a way to make money for the school. Last Wednesday everyone watched Love Happens, we were all excited for a great Jennifer Anniston chick flick, everyone ended up crying instead! A bit depressing was mostly about dealing with the loss of loved ones. Has anyone else seen it?

Rockin the part down the middle! ( P down the M, haha Jenn remember??)

Rosanne(on the left) just recently got engaged! She's marrying a boy from MT! Who'd of guessed!? I will have the privilege of attending her open house in French Town over Thanksgiving!

Ok so we might get a little bored during the last half hour of school but we're trying to make the best of this last month!

Trying to pose like the picture behind us which is John Paul Dejoria and his family! We were a little crAzY today!
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Haeli Mae and Jae Jae said...

ok...so i totally love your hair in this last picture! your rockstar bangs = totally boss!

ps...i need your honest opinion. would i be totally crazed out of my mind if i cute my hair short and bleached it Marilyn Monroe blond? it's a bold step but i'm serious. and you'd be the one to pull me off a cliff if i was about to jump...so what do youthink?

Haeli Mae and Jae Jae said...

oh wait a second...is that Chris's fiance?

KeNzIE said...

Haeli i just cute my fringe today!
ummm i'm serious you should totally do it! why not have fun? thats what i figure and you won't look ugly cause your too cute! my vote is you do it!
what does the husband think about it??
yes thats chris's gal!!! are you and jaxon headed to missoula for thanksgiving or staying at the ranch?

Jenn Krogue said...

psh duh i remember P down the M. kyle gets really upset when i remind him that we used to secretly laugh about todd's ridic hair styles back the in day. ps todd's lookin sooo good!! i'm sure he'll get snagged quick in rexburg. now that you're all grown up and almost done with school before me..you'll have to come hang out with me in boise!

KeNzIE said...

ya if he's in rexburg he's for sure done for! you better believe it!! i'm going to be game for road trips anytime!

Kara said...

I just love us! we should definitely rock the middle part from now on!!! Yay for P-mitch

Brenda said...

Kenzie...you are just gorgeous! Hang in there for these last weeks of school! Love ya!

weston said...

Best Big Sister Kenzie :) I just want everyone who reads this comment to know that kenzie is the most thoughtful and best big sister EVER!!! Last week she sent me baloons and a note just telling me to have a good day and that she loves me :)Always a nice surprise to have when coming outta Mrs Heser's English class at Fergus High :P. The Greatest. Thanks Sis!!! i love you