Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time of my life~Check

Road Trip to Missoula- Check
Strolls down middle of road at Rogers Pass- Check
New Nicknames-Check
Big Horn Sheep Sighting- Check
New Extensions from Sally's- Half Check
Junk Food- Check
Mustard Seed- Check
Shopping Spree- Check
Debit Card Being Blocked- Check
Free Hotel Room at Hilton- Check
Jumping on Bed like Teenage Gymnasts-Check
Perkins Run at Midnight- Check
Church at 8:30 in the Morning-Check
Tons of photo opps- Check
Sushi- Check
Sparkling Water- Check
Good Food Store- Check
Driving in Snow Storm-Check
Crafty Time- Check
Gallons of H2O Drank- Check
Witness of Crazy Dancing- Check
Rootbeer Keg-Check
Dinner with Hot LDS Gym Boy- Check
Lots of Giggles- Check
YSA Conference 2010- Check


montanasarah said...

Another best weekend ever - Check!

Have I mentioned how lucky I am to have a sweet friend like you? I just LoVE our time together :)

Hayley Johnson said...

this looks so fun! im glad that you guys had such a fun trip!!
love you

Panda said...

you crazy chicas! :-) looks like fun. i like the "good food store" it cracked me up when i saw the pic...that that was actually the name! ha! and how did you get free rooms?

woowoo said...

Looks like fun ...good memories!

Brenda said...

FUN stuff...but maybe you should elaborate on that date with the cute gym boy!!

The Witt Family said...

Did you get to see my bro at all? Sounds like you had a great time!! I love the snowy drive too...only in MT!

Anonymous said...

awe!! jealous.
i need to visit missoula.
looks like tons of fun!!