Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day of the Father...

Isn't he just so handsome?? For fathers day we (meaning Weston, Jaxon, Mom, Dad and I) headed up to the mountain ranch for the evening. The cows were shipped to their new home for the summer on Monday so we were checking on them and delivering them their salt and mineral. It was absolutely gorgeous up there! I think I'm going to have to plan some camping trips up there this summer(when the fifth wheel trailer gets parked up there of course:)) We had just such a nice Fathers day spending it with the little family that's here left in Lewistown.

This pictures just cracks me up everytime I look at it. Jaxon, Weston and I were trying to pull a high school musical jump in the air. This was the best picture that turned out. Hahah poor Jaxon, this is a classic Jay pose though!

I heart my brothers!

The ranch! We had lots of trouble getting out. I thought we were going to die. It started raining and Dad was sliding everywhere. Parts of the road were cliff drop offs and I was praying the whole time we wouldn't slide off. So so scary but we made it.

The cows waiting for their salt and mineral.

The pretty wild flowers!
Happy Fathers day to all you Fathers!


montanasarah said...

Happy Father's Day Big R!!! He sure is handsome!!!

Panda said...

ditto to sarah!
i heart your brothers too
you guys crack me up. :-)

Jesse said...

Well, I sure don't heart them....JUST KIDDING!!! Seriously, quit crying you boys. It's embarrasing. I love the Uncle too! This was a marvelous post.

The Chases said...

I drove by Los Hermanos the other day and wished you still lived here! I need someone to go to lunch with. I love your dad! He is the cutest and I will have to admit my fav:) Please tell me you all are coming to the family reunion?? I miss all of you! Loved the high school musical picture!