Monday, February 16, 2009

Killing You Softly With Our Song...

Just got back to good ol' Provo tonight. Went to Lewistown for Valentines weekend and had the best time! Was so fun to see so much family and friends. Let me recap my weekend...Drove to Brigham City Thursday night and stayed over with the Brinkerhoff's so we could get a early start Friday morning. (They have a son and daughter in law living in Lewstown who they were visiting, so Jaxon arranged it for me to catch a ride with them) Its a good thing we got an early start because they stopped about every 40 miles :) They believe in breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and supper when they travel! haha They really were so much fun to travel with. I feel like I was related by the end of the trip, and plan to go back and visit them some weekend in the future! We made it to Lewistown just in time for me to go and listen to the "Killing You Softly With Our Song Valentines Show" featuring local artists. I played in the same show last year and felt a little left out sitting in the crowd listening to my brothers, Haeli and a lot of other local artists perform.

Me, Jaxon and Haeli before the show started:) Haeli as usual looked beatiful and sang GrEat! I could listen to her forever!

Weston played lead guitar for Calista Singley. They sounded amazing. Weston rocked it up on lead as always! Everyone loved him.

The bearded man sang a little Madonna twisted in with some auctioning.

The grand finale! Dave did another wonderful Valentines show! So glad I was able to come up and listen!
The rest of the weekend events will come later! I'm a little tired from my eleven hour car ride! Hope everyone had a fun Valentines Day!
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woowoo said...

Having you home was wonderful, Kenzie!

Julia said...

How fun Kenzie! I wish Luke and I were there. I miss hearing you all play and sing. You guys are amazing!

Panda said...

lova, lova, love it!! i didn't know you guys even did this! (love the theme/title thing of the night). i'm sooooo jealous, but thanks so much for the pics!!

HaeliMae said...

KenZ! I was so happy to see you this weekend! Thanks for the pictures and comments!And the dance on Saturday was a blast! I have some pictures/videos to load on my blog so keep an eye out for that! Can't wait to see you in Missoul! Love you!

The Witt Family said...

Are you going to Missoula sometime soon? I saw on someone's comment that they can't wait to see you there?? YEAH!! Jeff was bummed he couldn't ride with Haeli this last weekend but some friends had called like 2 wks ago to stay with him so he didn't feel like he could ditch them. DANG!! Looks like you had fun. Talk to ya soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kenzie:

Love your new hair do. AND you tell a really good story with photos. It is fun to read about your adventures. Just to let you know, I talked with Janis Bennion inSaltLake this a.m.She has a wonderful tailor/alterations woman that they have gone to for years...she does wedding alterations, etc. Her name is Irena/she's from Russia. I will get you her address & work phone #
She does not get borscht on fine fabrics. she does beautiful work.

xoxo Jeanne