Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today after church my cute roommate Ally and I hiked to Bridal Veil Falls up the Provo Canyon. We had quite the adventure! We made our own pathway to the Falls, probably not the easiest way up but the most entertaining to watch Ally climb. We were literally crawling up the rocks in some places. Every time I turned around to make sure Al was still coming, she was yelling she was stuck in the trees! She's my little climbing Diva, every time we stopped she had to fix her hair/makeup etc.
I was tempted to go bouldering up some of the rocks on the very top but thought I should wait for Luke and Julia to come with:)
Hope everyone had a happy Sunday!~

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Jill said...

That is really funny because it reminds me of an experience me & Josey had climbing the falls when we were first dating. He didn't know there was an actual trail so he took us up some weird way and we are all dying, and then when we got to the top we found out there was an actual trail to follow! I miss Bridal Veil Falls. :)

woowoo said...

Thanks for not bouldering!!

Kristin said...

haha yeah it did! It was funny/annoying though because I went and got the super skinny serum and was so excited to do my hair, I got through the 3 bottom layers and just had the very top to go and my straightener died and refused to turn back on. so it looked fantastic except for the lame frizzy part right on top. lol. I think I fixed my straightener though, so things are going well! thanks for your help!