Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hey its Hae Day!

Happy Birthday cute Haeli!!! I'm sad I'm not in Montana to celebrate with you. Just wanted to tell you that I'm soooo excited to have you as my new sister! I have loved having you around the past couple months.(Watching the Biggest Loser, singing/playing guitar/harmonizing, getting ready together, laying out, cutting your hair, shopping, sleep-overs in my bed late at night, watching scary movies, girl talk, driving to Missoula, running, lifting weights, texting...the list goes on) I think your an amazing, strong, talented daughter of God! You have been through so much and I look up to you more than you'll ever know. I hope your 21st birthday is your best one yet! Eat some cake for me:)...(or gelato) Love you tons and can't wait till Aug 29th!!!
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Anonymous said...

KENZIE! thanks girl! sorry i didn't get on to see this sooner! i love you girl! you really are the best and i'm so excited to have you (not only as a new sister) but as a pal! just love your guts and i'm excited to be around to see more of you! thanks again!