Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mr.-n- Mrs. Allen

Woof-ta! What a fun week!
Jaxon and Haeli tied the knot Saturday~
She looked so happy and beautiful and Jaxon sooo handsome.
Most of the Nevitts came Thursday afternoon and flew out of Billings this morning.
Nate and Panda drove in Friday afternoon from SLC
Totals out to 25 people who stayed out at the ranch! Seriously so much fun!

We, meaning Weston, Lyndee, Nubia and I watched the little kids while everyone was in the temple. Anna realized she didn't recognize a lot of us and started crying for her mommy and daddy. She'd point and every person or car while crying thinking it was her mom or dad! We finally calmed her down and all the kids enjoyed the bag of Doritos:)

The new Mr. and Mrs. Jaxon Allen...
They looked so happy, the day before they were in a motorcycle accident. They were coming back out to the ranch and his tire blew out. So thankful they weren't hurt worse than they were!

The Nevitts

Love her..... she also had some exciting news to share with everyone after the bride and groom had left~

All stayed in Billings Saturday night with the Nevitts. Weston shopping in his new favorite shirt!

Looove her!!

We finished off the night with enjoying Cold Stone celebrating Colter and Nubia getting engaged! One of the best weekends ever!


Romney Family said...

How fun for you all!! Jaxon and Haeli look so cute and happy!! What a great occasion to get everyone together!!!

mistyb said...

yay! great pictures, Jaxon and Haeli look awesome! love the ones of you and Panda! Sounds like a completely fabulous weekend for you guys!

Brenda said...

Great pics! I can't believe we missed it...BUT I had to rock my new granbaby! Everyone said it was beautiful...wonderful!

Emilee said...

such cute pics! love it!

Hayley said...

whoo i was so happy to get to see you!! love you!!

Malinda said...

Oh my goodness! It looks like so much fun! Hayley looks beautiful! You and Panda look always!

The Witt Family said...

Looks like you had a great week with your family. Are you going to be an auntie again?? Sounds like your family is ever growing. You look wonderful as always!

Jenn Krogue said...

omg sooooo fun!!
i can't believe they got married already!! where does the time go?
i just got your message, sorry it's been so nuts. hopefully i'll call you this next weekend!!

Haeli Mae and Jae Jae said...

thanks for sharing the pictures Kenz! love you new sister!

Julia said...

Oooooohhh! Love all the cute Alln famiy pictures and all your comments. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you all. Love you Kiss. xoxo Jewels and Lukes