Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas de Cantata~

After church this afternoon my mom, dad, Weston and I headed on down to the 1st Presbyterian church for the annual community Christmas Cantata that Jaxon and Haeli are sharing their voices in. I'm officially in the Christmas spirit! The songs the choir sang were superb!

Thanks Aunt Becky for this fabulous scarf, I have found many uses for it! :)

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Josie Thompson said...

Kenz! You and Westy boy are so awesome! I hope you know that all I hear about you is AMAZING things!! I always want to be more like you after someone brings your name up and your millions of accomplishments!! Sure love you and your family!!

Panda said...

love it! hope they want to put on an encore concert in like 3 days..wait 2 days!

Steve and Candice said...

That church looks awesome! I wish you guys didn't have to live so far away. I keep telling Steve that I would love to live in Montana. Maybe someday.....Miss you Kenz.