Friday, December 4, 2009

Have you looked to see the NEW MOON

I've been so busy moving/traveling/interviewing I haven't had time to upload my pictures from our girl party to see the midnight showing of New Moon.
The house was decked out in Twilight/New Moon decorations!

Bella's Lullaby

Edward even joined us!

Obviously I haven't worked with Iron Letters much!

Ruby-licious red vampire lips!

Meredith (Bella) the host of the party!!
Can't wait till the next premiere party in June!


Courtney said...

Kenz! I love it! I've been cracking up about your backwards Edward logo all day! You're awesome!!! :D

Panda said...

holy cow. looks like fun though! my fav was the iron-on letters too :-) what premiere is in june?

Devin and Kara said...

Kenz I miss your guts! Don't even worry I just made a new post about the party and then saw that you updated your blog about it too haha! We are so alike! Love ya!

Malinda said...

Holy Moly! What a fun party!! I love the shirt letters!