Saturday, December 25, 2010

~Merry Christmas~

Had the best Christmas Eve celebration with family last night! I feel so blessed to be around the family I have here in Lewistown. They're such good examples to me!
Christmas Eve was hosted at my house this year! Oh how I love hosting parties!
Dinner consisted of:
Fresh homemade bread bowls
Turkey noodle soup
Cheesy Broccoli soup
Vegetable Tortellini soup
Kielbasa Chili
Crisp romaine, baby spinach salad topped with ham, turkey, cheese, bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, boiled eggs and green onions!
Weston, Haeli and Jaxon were quite the helpers.

Shiloh enjoying Haeli's homemade Peppermint Ice cream wise surprise drink!
Had so much fun decorating my own house this year for Christmas. Thanks to the NFR to inspire my Cowboy Christmas theme:)
Bon appetite!
Beautiful mamma and Freddie J!

Yes that's a Shepperd
Yes that's my little brother
Yes that's three days of facial hair growth!
Had Shepard's come lead us all out to the barn to see.....

Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus!

Ended with Josey giving a few thoughts on Christ.

Ended the night with some Texas hold em and Australian Ginger Ale!

So grateful for the Christmas season to celebrate the birth of Christ and to spend time with family!


woowoo said...

Thanks for having us Kenzie, your home was the perfect atmosphere for a Christmas Eve celebration. I love your decorations!

Panda said...

Yes, the decor looks great! as does the food...and stone's beard. :-) What a special night. Miss, love, kiss, hug you guys.

Tyson & Tera Smith said...

glad you told me about your blog. I loved the Haeli, Jaxon, Freddie in the stable idea. SO CUTE!