Monday, December 20, 2010

Untangled Ugly Sweater Party

Everyone came dressed to impress in their most ugly sweaters Friday night!
There was live music, appetizers, soup bar, drinks, door prizes, free gift certificates for pedi and highlights, sweater contest etc!...
We were able to launch our new Alchemy Mineral Blends make up line too!
(which by the way fly to Denver in January for our training on it:))

New makeup line....simply ammmazing!
All the women loving the new makeup bar!

Even Freddie J rocked out his new ugly sweater!
Haeli and I drove over to Great Falls this week go buy our new ugly sweaters.....I think we had more fun at the thrift store trying them on then actually wearing them to the party. I'd be trying some hideous ones on and this lady next to us would keep telling me "oh that one just looks so good on you " Being nothing but serious. Woof!

Nae, me Carlie and Haeli

Ended the weekend off last night with some quality caroling time with the Allen and Shobe family! Worked up some sweet harmonies and drove around in the 10 degree weather. Brrrr We caroled to a few older people who have recently lost their spouses, was so touching to see the tears and joy on their faces. Think this is going to
be a new tradition for the Allen family :)

Merry Christmas to my fellow blogging friends!


Panda said...

aawh, Merry Christmas! I love the lady selling you on the sweet sweater....ha! The caroling sounds like a neat it was beautiful. ( should have recorded something for your lonely sister out here in the pa!) ps. is that miss arielle's bfriend...i swear i recognize him from facebook :-)

Brooke and Jared said...

haha what a fun party! You still look beautiful in that ugly sweater :) Merry Christmas

woowoo said...

Twas a fun night, Kisser, at the shop! I will remember our caroling forever (Sister Heller and others)it was a perfect ending to a perfect day (Dustys ordination in Bozeman).

weston said...

that was about the funnest christmas parties ever