Monday, September 20, 2010

Friday night lights to concert lights-

So last weekend went a little like this-
12:00 Friday Sarah and I jump into cupcake (her escape) and head over to Fairfield
4:00 PM Arrive in FF( with a 2 hour stop in GF for shopping:D )
5:00 PM Head to Shelby, MT ( football game)
10:45 PM Leave Shelby
12:30 AM Arrive back to FF
12:00 PM Drive BACK to Lewistown (for walk em' boys concert)
3:45 PM Arrive back to L-town (had a short delay in GF again for shopping...Can't beat Herbergers Goodwill sale)
4:00 PM Have a client come in for highlights, Sarah comes in with her date (DUSTY) and wants her hair chopped off.
9:00 PM Head to the fairgrounds for the wedding the Walk Em' Boys played at.
12:00 AM Go to bed
6:00 AM Wake up and drive BACK to Great Falls for stake conference
5:00 PM Finally back home!
Still exhausted from ALL the traveling. Headed back to FF Friday for Weston's homecoming game! :D love life!
4 layers on and it was still freezing cold!

The Fairfield Eagles did a great as usual. Shelby was supposed to be good but not good enough for the eagles! 49-21

Jaxon entertaining us on the way over!

<3 her!

Kyle and Jodie's baby boy Mckay! They say older women make good lovers!

Mckay, Sarah, Hadley, Jodie and I taking a break from dancing!

I set Sarah and Dusty up recently. They had an all day date on Saturday and are now officially in a relationship...according to Facebook anyways! ;) They hit if off fast!!
If anyone is looking to be set up just let me know!...Getting good at it! ha ha

Life is good!


montanasarah said...

Kiss I just love your blog!! I seriously LOL'd at the last line. xoxo

weston said...

haha craziest and funnest weekend ever kisser!! thanks for the hard core support :)

Panda said...

How'd I miss this post?? It was fun to happen upon...holy travel city. Loved it all and S + D = a cute couple!

Brooke and Jared said...

Go eagles! Haha I just love reminding Jare and my in-laws how much better Fairfield is :)

Annie Japannie said...

You can hook me up with a handsome cowboy anytime you like!