Sunday, October 31, 2010

Busy Oct.

Man, where did the month of October disappear to?!
Can't say I don't mind time flying by because in less than a month I'll be in the sunshine state of Arizona with my WHOLE family ( been FOREVER since that has happened)
Weston and his team have completed their regular season of football and are off to play offs. They beat Malta, number one team in the state, this last weekend. 20-0 A very exciting game to watch. They all played so great. Love watching two Allen cousins play together!
Weston and the parentals before senior night!

Planned my first baby shower for Freddie J. Have to say so myself it was a rockin' party and had a great turn out. Freddie was the hit of the party!

Munched on rich chocolate and cream cheese strawberry cupcakes, kisses, nuts and crackers.
Jodie Shobe helped me with the treats. Panda gave me the recipe for the strawberry cream cheese cupcakes....umm best cupcakes ever!(AND a lot of calories...bon appetite)

Dad is getting ready to ship his calves in the next couple weeks or so. Dad, mom, Weston and I made a quick search for any missing pairs last Saturday on the mountain ranch. 20+miles on a horse = three pairs found nestled away in the pine trees. Everytime I have the opportunity to take a day off and ride for a day I forget how much I love my simple Montana life. (no makeup, hair not done, no cell service, no facebook, no worries:) ) Wouldn't change it for anything.

Best horse ever!

Still a little green hanging on! Was the perfect day for riding.


Haeli Mae and Jae Jae said...

love this post, loved my shower, love the pictures, love my freddie j's favorite auntie kiss!

Jill said...

Wish I looked as pretty as you with no makeup! We can't wait to visit over Christmas.