Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ready for some football!!!

Before taking off on my vacation to Utah Renae treated me to a pedi!!! La la loved it!! Great way to start off a weekend of craziness/driving/football/no sleep/shopping etc!

AND of course zebra print:)

Started the vaca off with all you can eat Sushi in Provo! Can you say Bon Appetite!

While waiting for our food had some fun posing for the camera...this is Bri's "look Channing Tatum just walked in" look! :)

Cousins rule!!! Loved getting to spend time with Brianna and getting to know her better! Stayed at her apt Friday night and I believe we talked for four hours straight that night!! Love girl nights!

About a month ago Sarah and I decided we wanted to hit up a BYU football game this year so that is the real reason of this trip (Yes we drove a 20 hr round trip to watch the game....true blue fans right here). Dusty (Sarah's bf/my cousin) came with us. While we shopped he would go golfing and do the more manly things. Had so much fun with them both.
Can you tell Bri can't wait for Christmas?? AND she ended up buying all of that, her roomates won't allow any decorations till November! The countdown has begun.
The two love birds on the way to the game. Since traffic is always backed up for hours we decided to take a free shuttle bus from the mall to the stadium.

Was a great homecoming game for the Cougars. They've been struggling this year but pulled through for this game.
Can you tell Sarah and I raided the BYU bookstore for our Cougar gear! Ra ra ra ra ra go COUGARS!!!

Dusty, Sarah and I made a quick stop at temple square Sunday morning to listen to Music and the Spoken Word. Was such an amazing feeling in the tabernacle and listening to the Mormon Tabernacle choir. Sarah and Dusty had never been to look around the square, was fun showing them around.
I've been to Music and the Spoken word two times in my life and usually it's just the choir singing but Sunday the prophet was there listening. Was so amazing to see him in person, you could definitely feel his spirit in the building. Along with the prophet Glen Beck showed up!

Was so nice to get away for a weekend but I definitely was ready to come home and get back to my normal life!! Still trying to catch up from lost sleep!


tialovesmontana said...

Oh cute! I love Bri with the decorations...looks like it was a fun trip!

The Witt Family said...

I LOVE your hair! It is so stinkin cute and it looks like you had a great trip! You should come to Missoula on the 23rd for a Griz game. Let me know...we'll be there!

woowoo said...

I'm so happy you were able to have such a great trip... I just love Provo, it's well worth the long drive.

Brianna said...

yay!! it was SUCH a fun weekend!! thanks for posting these picture :) love you!!