Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bozeman Hot Springs

Just sitting back reminiscing...

Couple weeks ago randomly drove to Bozeman so I could get my Diego fix

(oh and Colter and Nubia fix too)

Took a quick relaxing dip in the Bozeman Hot Springs.

Felt so good...especially since my job demands me to be on my feet all day!

While I'm on the topic of Bozeman I might as well give those cats a shout out for this big weekend.

Go Cats..... yes boo you MT Griz fans get over yourselves ;)!

Was supposed to drive to Utah this weekend with my Mom to go see Panda and her family.

Dang snow is not cooperating. 14-16 inches predicted tonight. Woof.

So looks like I have the day off tomorrow! Doesn't happen a lot for me.

Lifetime movies here I come!


woowoo said...

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woowoo said...

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Nubia Garcia said...

That was so much fun!! You have to come back again!!! We already miss you!!

Panda said...