Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference Weekend!

Saturday night I went and stayed the night with Scott Squires family! Scott and Marianne were going to a birthday party Saturday night after the Priesthood session and asked if I would want to babysit Sierra, Ryann, Quincie, Preslee and little Tate! I took the offer since they ARE my family away from home and it would beat watching conference in my apartment!
Had so much fun with all their girls! When I have kids I definitely want a lot of girls!
Sierra made us all dinner Saturday night and I must say she is quite the little cook! She even gave me some cooking tips that I'm excited to use! (She also made Cinnamon rolls on Sunday afternoon that were to die for)
Ryann and Quincie are quite the little dancers...the video I posted is of their dance they made up...they wanted me to record it so they could watch themselves!(I know its a little long but they DO have some moves for little girls:) I brought my guitar along and had fun playing for them. Quincie has her own guitar so she wanted to have a little lesson of her own. She caught on quick and now knows her C,E and A chords! Way to go Quinc!
Preslee is Preslee, seriously and angel child! She said the prayer over dinner and she said please bless that Sierra will quit kicking the dog! I love little kids innocence!
Tate is a little boy full of energy! Did not even cry once the whole night though!

Sunday we had an amazing breakfast of fruit salad with every imaginable kind of fruit and German pancakes!
Conference was great! Some amazing talks were given! Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

Thanks Squires for having me over and for the great weekend! I love getting to know your family more! You are all so great! Enjoy your new haircuts!

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woowoo said...

I'm glad you had a nice weekend with your cousins those Squires!!!

Panda said...

i bet it's nice to be around some "normalcy" every once in a while. they look like the funnest of fun family!