Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Dying Party!

OK so instead of dying Easter eggs, my friends and I decided we would dye our own hair! Amber has her own little set up at her apartment. Her husband made a deal with us that we could do our hair if he could play X-box! We figured it was a good trade off!
We experimented with a different color line other than Paul Mitchell to see if we liked it better...and we do!(Shhh:)
Kara went from blonde to red! She has been a blonde her whole life so it was a big change but she looks super cute! I didn't take a picture of the final result but it'll be coming soon!
No big changes for me, just freshened up.
Thanks Amber and Kara for the fun night! I love girl nights!

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Panda said...

fun!! you like have taken "girls night" to a whole new level! can't wait for me to have one with you... :-)

HaeliMae said...

I don't know if that picture of you rinsing is the final result or not but whatever it is your hair is BOSS! I love how well you pull off dark hair!

woowoo said...

How fun, Kenzie! I sure missed you at the track meet today ...did you know the text was from me?? Love you!!