Monday, May 10, 2010

Nuevo De Mayo

Sarah and I decided to celebrate Cinco De Mayo a couple days later. We served authentic Mexican food! (Recipes from Nubia. = yum!) Sarah was in charge of the salsa and I was in charge of the spicy shredded beef. This was my first time ever cooking a roast by myself but have to say I was pretty impressed with myself. Aunt Jan brought out a delicious Mexican soup and homemade peach cobbler. We weren't expecting many people to come but had 13 people come party with us.

My mom dad and Weston are in Pennsylvania for the week meeting the newest addition to our family...Van Tingey. Jaxon, Haeli and I are holding down the fort this week~

So shout out to Mom for Mothers rock!

I love spur dog!

Saturday afternoon Jaxon, Sarah, Tyler and I took a drive to the top of the ranch to fix some fences. Everything is getting so green and I'm loving it!

Can you spy Kenzie and Sarah???


Panda said...

looks like you guys had a good time last weekend ...see ya in a couple of days, love to you, Mom.

Panda said...

yum.....nueve de mayo, my new fav holiday! :-) (seriously. i could go for some of that shredded beef right about now!)

Emilee said...

your mexican food looks delish! i really like the pics in the mirror pics, those are cool. and this tyler guy...i am missing something i think! you look gorgeous as always! and 36 hours with no power, dang!