Sunday, May 2, 2010

My FaVorIte ThIngS....

Things I LoVe right now:
-All the green grass finally poking up through the ground.
-All the snow that is finally melting.
-The vibrant yellow tulips blooming in my moms flower beds
-Baby cows
-Family and friends.
-Getting my hair done (Tuesday):)Woop woop!
-Visits from certain people on the weekend;)
-Sundays, I love going to church and getting re-freshed for the week.
-My sister, Panda's, blog. My niece and nephews are so cute.
-Haeli's pregnant belly, I have a feeling baby peach and I will get along very well.
-Colter and Nubia, they're just so in love and I love watching them be in love.(Why pay a dollar at a red box for a chick flick when you can watch newlyweds)
-Watching Luke and Julia's wedding video, brings back such good memories!
-Getting ready to start my new job and Untangled Salon in Lewistown.
-That Arielle is coming home for the summer!


Arielle Dawn Allen said...

I CANNOT wait for summer!! I'm getting so excited...p.s. your blog inspires me to be better about mine! love you girl.

woowoo said...

...I love having you live close enough to "make my day" so often!!

Panda said...

i sister...and children's auntie. can't wait for june!