Saturday, May 1, 2010

36 HoUr Power Outage Survivor~

Thursday morning around 9:00 AM the lights started flickering at the ol el' rancho. Power went completely off and didn't come back on till Friday night 11:00 PM! Has been a crazy last few days. These Montana Spring storms are unbelievable. It snowed over a foot and a half in a day. The wind was blowing 50-60 mph, couldn't see one thing. Roads were closed all around Lewistown so we were literally stuck here! Jaxon, Haeli, Weston, Mom, Dad and I were all stuck at the party house. We have a wood stove and a huge fireplace so we kept the fires going and tried to stay warm. We had six water bottles on hand for the six of us. To top it all Haeli has a bladder infection and all the doctor said was to drink lots of water to help it. So she was out gathering snow and boiling it on our grill. Last night around five Haeli and I drove into Lewistown and raided Aunt Jans shower. We couldn't take being dirty anymore!
Looking back on it now I can kinda laugh but it wasn't very fun having no electricity. I remember back when I was little I'd love when the power would go off but I've grown to love having heat, a hot shower, a blow dryer, cell phone, music, light etc...Definitely thankful for electricity!

Haeli and I rounded up all the candles we had. This is how we would see at night after it'd go dark!

This was the view out our front window:) lovely right?

Cooking some chili over the hot coals.
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woowoo said...

It was so funny last night when we were all sound asleep and you let out a huge scream telling us the power was back on (I thought you were dreaming!) Russ and I were so happy driving over to the plastic house thinking about crawling into our own bed for the night ...only to find that our power was still out! Oh well, one more night with out power didn't kill us ...but the hot bath sure felt good today! It was fun hanging out with you all the last couple of days in the party house.

Ethan and Sarah said...

Kenzie I just love your life! it is like a movir everytime I read your blog I feel as if I am watching a abc family movie. I miss you r face ans your sweet smile! just thought you should know