Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Denver Fun!

Still trying to catch up from lost sleep in Denver!
Had a great educational trip (err and shopping/eating)
I'm even more in love with our new mineral makeup line and ready to dive in and start making the women of Lewistown beautiful!

Nae and I appreciated the cows outside of the art center being ranch girls and all!

Car getting ready to hit the town.

Carlie's cousin lives right down town Denver in a loft style condo...gorgeous and was so convenient to be close to everything.
Never has so much amazing food in my life! It'd be worth going back just to eat out.

Makeup class! Sally and Bre (starters of Alchemy Mineral Blends) did an awesome job. They taught us a lot about application and was a great review for me.

Favorite part of the whole trip....We were all in heels and our feet were hurting after 2 blocks of walking, a bike cab pulled up and saved the day! All four of us piled into a two person chariot.

He peddled us through the scenic route in downtown.

Had a blast but was definitely ready to be home!
If anyone is needing some amazing mineral makeup you know where to come!

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woowoo said...

still checking for updates!!!!! Love you, Kenzie and lov(ed) your blog:(