Monday, January 17, 2011

Rodeo and Snowboarding~

Weston and I at the Friday night performance of the Circuit Finals Rodeo
I just fa la love rodeos

The whole rodeo crew.
I remember going to this rodeo back a few years ago thinking how big it was. This year Weston and I couldn't believe how small it felt after watching the NFR. Still a blast though.

Friday night the temperature was down to seven below and Colt and I agreed that if it didn't warm up we'd bag the snowboarding.
Had a chinook blow in which ='d perfect snowboarding weather :)
Westy, Colt-the-bolt and I had the best time chatting, laughing, wrecking and just hanging out!
I have some pretty cool brothers, Weston wasn't planning on coming till last minute so Colter found him an old snowboard buried in the back of our storage room and completed the ensemble with muck boots!
He definitely had his work cut out for him, by the end of the day his nick name was ghost rider
(or snow angel:) ) He did great considering what he was using to ride down a giant mountain with. AND Colter is just the best/most encouraging teacher!
We left the mountain just in time to get home, clean up and head back into the Saturday night Rodeo....
~Good weekend~
now bring on Denver :)


The Witt Family said...

Such a wonderful family you have!! Isn't it nice to have brothers who love ya???

Panda said...

Ok. you are the cutest thing ever in the rodeo pic of you and stone! Sounds like good times!

woowoo said...

I guess I won't see you before you leave for Denver... have fun!

Devin and Kara said...

Oh it looks like you are just having so much fun!! I miss your guts Kenz!