Thursday, January 13, 2011


Been such a busy new year. I love when I can't keep up with the weeks because they fly by.
2011 has consisted of :
Open Mic Night at Rising Trout
Deep cleaning
Driving to Helena to purchase my very own car :)
(Pictures soon to come of my Audi)
Watching the lady Cats take on Northern Colorado
(and Nubia coach)
Montana Circuit Final Rodeo & snowboarding this weekend
Denver next Thursday for makeup training!
~Life is good ~

Fierce new nails! Thanks to Haeli Mae for my Christmas gift.

Can you spy Nubia??? Give you a clue, has the cutest belly on the court!

Nubia's poster that decorates the halls of Montana State University

My dad's old roomate Bill Kolar on the hall of fame board. He was a first round draft pick and played for the Bengals. Now coaches for Houstin Texas.
Had so much fun taking a day trip with just my dad. Doesn't happen much that we can just take off and drive with Fox News blaring from the speakers! :D


Panda said...

Get out of here w/ Freddie's cuteness. Oh....I wish I could snuggle and kiss on him!!! :-(

What a fun trip w/ Dad...didn't know Nubia was coaching...her belly is so cute and love the banners!

Keep the blog posts comin' baby!

Nubia Garcia said...

Oh my goodness... My belly looks huge.. I didn't realize that's how I look from the stands... hahaha.. Love the pics though.. oh and Freddie is so CUTE!!

woowoo said...

You do have a good life... you've made it one!