Sunday, March 8, 2009



Thursday night Kara, a friend from school, invited me to go along with her and her husband Devin to a ballet in the Dejong Concert Hall at BYU. (Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story)
That was my first time going to a ballet and I loved it. I have never seen so many boys in tights :) West Side Story was the first show they performed, it was a lot more upbeat than Romeo and Juliet and probably my favorite. (Even though both were a little depressing)
I would recommend anyone to go watch the BYU Theatre Ballet Company perform if they ever have the chance!

Before the show started we spotted an old man enjoying reading the news paper. What a sweet husband to come to the ballet with his wife:)

We had a group of boys sitting next to us supporting one of their friends performing but during the second show Kara told me to look over at them, almost all of them were asleep including Kara's husband! What good sports they are to come to a ballet though:)
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Panda said...

so funny about all the boys! :-) and holy cute hair!

Anonymous said...

i loveee your hair piece! looks so cute! that is so funny about all the boys sleeping. miss you love you

p.s. my phone charger got left in mexico...were going to have to MSN it!

The Witt Family said...

I hear you're going to Missoula soon. Jeff said that you two were going to get together sometime so you'l have to keep me updated and let me know how it goes. Have a great time!