Sunday, March 29, 2009


Tuesday night we decided that we would drive to Bozeman and stay at Chico Hot Springs (also help me get a jump start on my ten hour drive back to Utah). We checked in and found our rooms and also discovered that the whole hotel was shared bathrooms! Instead of freaking out we (well mom and I) decided to look at it as an adventure! The resort has been around since 1900. The rooms were quite cozy and filled with antique furniture! Chico is nestled in the foothills of the Absaroka Mountain Range, really the view was to kill for! We all did have a great time...minus the bathroom situation!
Colter and Nubia drove the 45 minute drive from Bozeman and played with us all in the Hot Springs! Two hours in hot water put us all to sleep around 11:30!
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Eddie and Brenda said...

Kenzie you are so LUCKY! (well except for the shared bathroom...) You have such a FUN family! Sure love ya!

woowoo said...

Kenzie, your pictures captured it all (well, except for the smell) and bring back such good memories! Did the cover on the book you were reading ever uncurl??

Panda said... jealous. that's funny about the shared bathrooms...and smell. just makes it more memorable-eh? :-)