Sunday, March 1, 2009

StAr StrUck!

All of our instructors for the convention! Was seriously such a pain selling all my product to go to Caper but I wouldn't change it for the world. I learned so much this week and am so motivated to finish my last 1100 hours of school! Our instructors were some of the top stylists in the world, feel so lucky that I was able to be there learning from the best! Thanks again to everyone who supported me in going to CAPER 09'...

Noogy Thai- Hair Stylist- He taught our finish and styling class. Fun, funky new updo's including threading through the hair :)
Angus Mitchell- Paul Mitchell's son, Hair Stylist and Part Owner. (All the girls fell in love with him, to be completely honest he was pretty cute but also VERY full of himself!)
Winn Claybaugh- Co-Owner/ Dean of Paul Mitchell the School. He was the inspirational speaker and got all of us future professionals ready to take control of our careers.
Takashi- Top Hairstylist in the world. To watch Takashi on stage is to watch a master with unparalleled grace and artistry! P.S. His haircuts are $250.00
Robert Cromeans- GLOBAL Artistic Director, from Scotland, taught us characteristics he expects of employees who work for him. He's such and intense hairdresser but still motivated all of us to really push ourselves and to BE DANGEROUS! (with our work of course)
Stephanie Kocielski- Artistic Director for PMTS, one of the most sought after platform artists worldwide. She rocked us in her class! She knows so much!
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Hayley said...

kenzie is looks like you had so much fun on your trip! you look great! rockin the vera wang!! love it. miss you. im thinking of comming to see you in missoula when you go there. love you!!

Panda said...

what a fun weekend! ...loved the story of the girl in heels and how you guys would switch shoes with her--ha! you look great in all the your short hair!