Sunday, March 29, 2009

MaRcH MaDneSs!

Finally recovering from my trip back from Montana! Had a blast seeing all my family even though it was just a quick trip. Don't have a lot of pictures from the show of the Walk Em' Boys but Panda and Tia do so everyone check them out! Friday night I was privileged to watch Haeli play at a benefit concert in Hamilton! Was my fist time listening to her live at a show and she did GrEat! Cami, a younger cousin of mine, rode over with us to listen as well. Can't believe how much she has grown up! I had fun playing with her! (Was also nice so I wasn't a complete third wheel to Jaxon and Haeli the whole night :))
Panda flew in Saturday afternoon. Tia picked her up from the airport and the three of us went and ate at McKenzie River Pizza. Have forgotten how much I miss eating there! After, Panda let me get her all dolled up for the big country dance! Back when Panda was still in college and would come home for breaks, she would be the one getting me ready, so it was fun to switch roles with her! Also cut Julia and mom some new stylish fringe!
We all had a great night! I'm so glad everyone was able to make the long trek to Missoula for the weekend!

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woowoo said...

Wasn't that fun?? I especially liked staying in the girls room at the motel with you youngins ...calling Wolfgang in Germany at 1am ...jumping on the bed to bug the guys right above us (thinking it was OUR guys, but it wasn't!!) Fun, Fun!

Brianna said...

aw i'm so bummed i missed that!! it looks like such a blast! that pic of you sisters and haeli is adorable too!!

Panda said...

"funnest" weekend ever. i loved just sitting down and getting completely pampered by my beautiful and talented sis! ha--i forgot about calling wolfgang! good times.