Tuesday, July 13, 2010

21 Roses

Can't believe I'm 21! Time sure does fly.
I had the best day yesterday~
Busy day at work then came home and celebrated with girls night.

21 roses were delivered to the salon...someone loves me:)

Need I say more???

Our girls night consisted of pedicures, manicures and girl talk!

One of my clients little boy (5 yrs old) brought me in chocolate cake and pink nail polish he had bought for me. Sooo sweet! So Court, Haeli, Hayley and I rocked it out!
Courtney, Haeli, Hayley and I. (AND baby peach)
Thanks everyone for making my birthday special <3


weston said...

I'm glad you had a great day, Kenzie. It's been a fun 21 years with you in our family... love you!

Jesse said...

With brothers like Weston, it IS an accomplishment that you've survived 21 years! Way to go Kenz!

Panda said...

happy birthday kenzleemctisser! love your ring (oh how i ache for planet earth...from there?)

Panda said...

ps. your hair's getting looong!

The Witt Family said...

Hope you had a wonderful day pretty girl!

Kara said...

yay!! happy happy birthday kenzie dear! happy days will come to you all year!! love ya! i hope i get to see you in a couple weeks!

Hayley Johnson said...

such a fun night! im actually so happy that i have a broken foot so i could come celebrate the special day! SHOUT OUT FOR THE BEST HAIR GIRL!!!!
love you kiss!!

Tyler said...

Please Fedex me a cut-off shirt identical to Weston's.