Monday, July 19, 2010

Swim Day

Jaxon, Haeli, Hagen my dad and I made the trek over to our old stomping grounds (Fairfield) Saturday morning. We were grateful to make it on time...Due to Big R speeding we had at 15 minute delay around Kibbie's Corner:) Somehow he talked himself out of a ticket.
Jaxon, Weston and I were invited to be a part of the Swim Day entertainment show Saturday afternoon. Swim day is a big event that happens once a year in FF. They raise money for the public pool to keep it up and running. This year it was combined with an all class reunion.
Lots and lots of people.
The boys have been haying non stop all week so we didn't have time to practice. Winged it but it went great! We sang Reasons Why by Nickelcreek which we've had lots of practice singing over the years so we were able to get away without practicing.
It was so great seeing all my old classmates/friends/family!

Can anyone guess where we ran through our song at???

Favorite picture of Jaxon!

Jaxon holds the new record for highest score at Pac-Man at DJ's Pizza.
I was very impressed with his skills. My adrenaline was pumping for him.
Not only does he hold the Pac-Man record but the High School 1600M Relay.
Man of many talents.

Good ol' Fairfield gym. The community put on a program for the all class reunion.
Bill and Spencer Pearson singing entire program = heaven.
I love hearing them sing. Very talented family!

Haeli's table art.
Hagen's table art.
Haeli's little 11 year old brother Hagen has been staying at the ranch for the past three weeks.

Fairfield at sunset!
Fairfield is the malting barley capital of the world, meaning they produce all the beer for the world. Everytime I see those big grain bins I feel at home.
Sunday we attended church in Fairfield. Was weird being back but good to see our church family. All the kids that were seniors when I was freshmen were are all either married or have kids or are pregnant. CRAZY!
We celebrated grandma LaDeanne's 80th birthday party after in Augusta.
Can't beat nice weather, food and family.

I love her and am so grateful she is my Grandma.
Grandma and her sisters.
So good to be reunited with our Augusta and Utah family.


Jesse said...

Seriously, Kenz. This was a sweet way to see what my kin are up to. Glad you guys are doing so well! I hope the boys make it through all the haying alive.

woowoo said...

You guys sounded good Saturday (from what I heard over the crackly phone connection!) Nice pictures, Kenzie... I like your new camera (a little b-day present for yourself??) Thanks for driving me home from Augusta, I was completely wiped out, but it was WELL worth the lonely drive over to see everyone!

Emilee said...

love what youa re doing. great pics of it all! you are so dang cute! cant believe you are 21, wow! keep enjoying life! and happy late birthday. your trip to FF looks way fun, it is always fun to go someplace you care about.

Panda said...

holla! loved hearing about the weekend...and i about died laughing at that jaxon pic, ha! beautiful pic of you and grandma...sure makes me miss my fam! (one of my fav things 'bout going home is drives with mom so we can just talk...)

Romney Family said...

How fun and I love your Grandma!!! Best piano teacher ever!!

mistyb said...

I love swim day! oh memories of our freak show float! :) looks like you guys had a blast. I really need to hear you all perform together. Some day for sure!! :) Happy late birthday too!

montanasarah said...

I want to be traveling all over with you! I miss you Kiss!!!