Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th!

Arielle and I planned a fourth of July social~
We made the food as colorful as possible and must say,
mission accomplished:)
Colter and Nubia made the trek over from Bozeman for the weekend. They're so pleasant to have around. My mom and I were talking how fun it is to watch them interact with each other. They both adore and are so kind to each other!

Today during church I felt baby peach(s?) kick! :)
Bon Appetite!
During home evening Uncle Lyle had everyone tell why they're thankful for this country. Made me really stop and think.
I'm thankful for all the people who served and fought for our freedom to make America what it is today.
Thankful that everyone has a fair chance to make something of themselves.
Finished the night off by watching fireworks~
Hope everyone had a great day of celebrating!


woowoo said...

Thank you Kenzie and Arielle for the WONDERFUL 4th. I loved the healthy food, good company,spirit filled home evening and great fireworks!

Panda said...

yum!! sounds like a fun fourth!

Jesse said...

You little stinker. You actually brought a tear to my grumpy old eye. I sure love you guys and most grateful that I am a part of this family. I guess that means I am grateful to this country for being the place where the fullness of the gospel could be restored and I can now be with you crazies for eternity.

Josie Thompson said...

Alright Kenz! This post just proved just how amazing and talented you are! I am not diggin' the AZ heat. I want to come see you guys