Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cattle Drive 2010

The morning comes early on day of the cattle drive!
Our help consisted of Monte, Julie, Joanne,Cotton (our crew who flew in from Arizona), Terrena, Haeli, Emery, Tom and Sue Gollahon, Echo, Shiloh, Josey, Jarett, Jordan, Lyle, Jaxon, Weston, Nick, Dad, Mom and I.
Was a gorgeous day to escape up to the Little Snowies for a day of riding.

Monte and Julie Nevitt. Love them. Julie and Joanne came in to my shop to have their hair done. So fun to have girl time/talk.
Been too much fun having them here.

Weston and Prince. Weston still amazes me. He will get on any bucking horse or jump into a small pen of eight huge charlois bulls with no fear~ So brave.

Tom and Sue were such a great help. They are great riders and we couldn't of gathered the herd without them. They drove the two and a half hour drive from Fairfield to be here at 5:30 AM Saturday morning.
Haeli was a trooper. She jumped on captain and rode him the whole way up. I'd say pretty impressive for a seven month pregnant lady.
Two of my favorite animals on the ranch. Maggie our Jack Russell and Bubbles. Bubbles is the best cow horse ever. He really is my dads horse but I love riding him so much that I've taken him over:) Guess that happens when you're the baby girl of the family.
A year ago they were prepping for a wedding.... a year later they're prepping for a baby.
He's just full of so many romantic this photo.
Lyle and his grandkids Jarett and Jordan. They were troopers. Long day in the sun but they did great!
PS Jill I am the one who opened the can of Diet Pepsi for Jordan...sorry:( He said he checked twice with his dad and that his mom lets him have DP.

This picture is how we all felt at the end of our 25+ mile roundup.
Today we can all barely walk because we're so sore. Back, shoulders, butt, abs, arms, knees. Hoping the soreness is gone soon!
Jaxon, Weston, Emery and my dad headed back up to the ranch this morning at 5:30 to finish trailing the cows that were left behind. I have no idea how they crawled out of bed this morning.
Joanne, Cotton, Julie and Monte drove to Billings early this morning to catch their flight back to Arizona (on Alligiant) Joanne called after church and informed us their flight had an emergency landing in Flagstaff because an engine had caught fire. They all exited the plane with emergency slides. They are so blessed to have landed safe and had nothing worse happen.
Thanks for everyone who came and rode to help our family out! See you in a year!


Panda said...

ooooh I love it when "KeNziE AlLeN" shows up on my blogroll! :-)
LOVED the pics/post (especially your apology to Jill...ha!:-) Wish I was there...

Natalia said...

Kenzie that's so cool! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Your sister-in-law is too cut, kudos to her!

Jesse said...

Glad to see so many family faces at the roundup!

Courtney said...

LoVe it! so beautiful! That bubbles has a lot of claims on him b/c Gracie loves that horse too!

Jill said...

Hmmm...Jordan's mom does not let him have Diet Pepsi, but apparently that was his favorite part of the day. He keeps telling me that he can have it now because he already drank a whole can. And I'm pretty sure he made up the part about asking his dad if it was okay because his dad doesn't even like me drinking it. What a little stinker. :) The boys had a great time though. Thanks for letting them come along!

woowoo said...

Kenzie, you were great help... whether riding a horse OR ON FOOT! I can't believe how hard core you were running up and down all the hills, through the bushes and creeks rounding up cattle while giving Bubbles a break. (That's what all your workin' out does for ya!)