Saturday, April 16, 2011

Branding Two Zero One One

Nothing better than a good mani to start off branding!!! (Thanks to Renails) I've never seen my fridge so full. Haeli and I made all the food for the crew (a whole whopping 16 ppl...holla) Served sausage egg burritos smothered with a wise surprise that Colter and Nubia taught me about....Guess ya'll will have to come visit me and I'll make you the treat! We made homemade kielbasa chili, cheese tortellini soup, peanut butter and carmel brownies and hoot rolls! I just want to be Julia Child!

My new hairdresser couple friends Alan and Matt who moved here from Seattle. First time on the ranch. They were a great help in the kitchen!

Kylie Snapp the wise wizard vaccination girl! Serious she was amazing! Vaccinated every single calf in the barn.

Freddie and I had fun hanging out!

Came into the calving shed and mom was all by herself babysitting! I will forever have that memory of her and these two sweet boys hanging out! Freddie having some lunch!

Diego Don~

OK fa la la la love babies and being and aunt! I just want all my brothers and sister to keep popping them out.....who's next...Julia????

Was a good day!


Brooke and Jared said...

you look pretty darn cute with those kiddos! :)

Courtney said...

I wanna come branding just to get your food, yum!!! :D the pix of your dad/colter and diego, sooo sweet! you guys are ranchin' rock starts!! xoxo

Courtney said...

or rock "stars" : O

Panda said...

i like "starts." :-)
me too...loved the pic of colt and diego and dad....and all of them. loved that your friends came in cowboy gettup and haeli looks tiny and loved the one w/ mom and her grandsons and of freddie in the back pack.

woowoo said...

Another fun filled, exhausting (branding + walkem boys gig) weekend in Lewie! You went to a lot of work to make eveyone feel comfortable and welcome. I loved meeting all your good friends who drove long distances to help brand. Your Sun morn feast was fabulous and set a nice tone for our spirit filled mtg (everyone's comments are still on my mind... loved it) Thanks for everything, Kiss!