Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hope everyone had a good Easter.....I know I did!

This is soooo random but FJ loooves to try on tanning goggles. He's so content with them on. One cool dude right there~!

Mckay jammed the whole time....I kid you not, he's going to be a music mastermind. He knows everything about guitars(stratocaster to telocaster to acoustic to bass guitars) and he's only three!

Woo Woo and the FJ boy

Hadlee showing off her new "cheese" face!

Haeli and I hid 28 eggs for the boys to find....I think we have more fun watching them wrestle each other to find the hidden treasures.

Kyle and Mckay

I think I see some green grass starting to poke through.....its about time!

The future Mr and Mrs Hadlee and Freddie J Allen! Aren't they cute?! I looove having all these babies out to my house!

Do you notice the new heads that got added to my house by Jaxon and Weston?...Woof! Its starting to look like a bachelor pad.

Was a good day!


The Witt Family said...

Looks like you were a good hostess...so glad I ran into you and your mom in Billings. It was great to catch up!

Panda said...

hostess w/ the mostess!
(we see bits of baby jack in freddie)

woowoo said...

Kenzie, I think I found the last egg on Monday while raking the leaves off the back yard!! I rehid it for you... have you found it yet??? Love you!